metamorph: mixed media art school


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that art + life are intrinsically bound together. Each acting as a catalyst to the other, and the inspiration that is boundless between them creates a ripple effect that affects your entire world.

I know this because I’ve lived it! When I made the leap into cultivating a creative practice in order to heal a few broken pieces I was carrying around, my life changed. Slowly but surely I began to observe a beautiful rhythm: what freedoms I allowed into my art rippled into my life. What transformations I reached for in life spilled into my art. Intentionally cultivating this dynamic brought so much awareness, expansion, and growth to both aspects of my life, until they became one and the same.

So, my artistic process and my personal journey of transformation are intricately woven together in a sumptuous tapestry of materials, techniques, and life wisdom. In Metamorph ::: Mixed Media Art School, I am giving all of the tools, tricks, and techniques to you.

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The practical matters

Self-guided classroom will be open and all videos will be available until December 31, 2019. Each month holds a new theme, and I will share videos of my process and practice, complete with a variety of tools and techniques.  There will be a minimum of 4 video lessons per month, with plenty of demonstrations and inspiring extras to light your creative fire.

My online workshops will be run in the same spirit as my in-person workshops:  many wonderful people will convene and create in a cooperative, safe, and encouraging environment.  You will matter tremendously to all of us, and your artistic and personal process will be supported wholeheartedly.

Uncover and harness your own unique creative voice

I’m so excited to share everything – absolutely everything! – I’ve gleaned through the many years I’ve created and taught in many mediums.  Passionate about transformation and creativity, I’ll pour every last drop of knowledge that lives in me into our classroom.

During the 12 months of Metamorph, we will explore a variety of mixed media techniques and self-growth concepts.  I will guide and encourage you, and you will uncover and harness your own unique creative voice.  Finding – and trusting – your creative voice is a vital tool in opening yourself up to great knowledge, expression, and transformation.

This online mixed media art school is the right place for you if you are a spirited soul who wants *more*:  more freedom, abundant creative living, expression, joy, creative voice, techniques, connections with like-minded people, and a deeper sense of connection to your self and your instincts, intuition, and personal power.


Techniques and mediums we will explore:

Art journaling, mixed media painting, mark-making, drawing, bookmaking, clay sculpture, photography, image transfers, stitching and sewing, eco-dyeing, writing, assemblage, illustration, and collage.

Concepts we will engage in: 

Finding your voice, feeling your power, telling your story, your self-perception and intentions, instinct and intuition, your inner spark, the element of fire, self-perception, ancestral lineage, light and shadow, The Hero’s Journey, archetypes, art as ritual, and so much more.

What you will gain

Development of artmaking as a personal growth practice, move through creative blocks and obstacles, multiple techniques for a variety of mediums, bare minimum of 52 lessons plus the art you make from those lessons, a group of like-minded kindreds, a strengthening of your creative voice … at the very least!