Wendy Brightbill ::: Art and Alchemy

September 15-16, 2018


In this two day workshop with prolific artist and creator Wendy Brightbill, we will delve into the process of abstract painting through fluid art and intentional mark making.

Students will learn how to listen deeply to their inner creative impulses and develop a process that becomes consistently organic and uniquely intentional. We will be stretching past the familiar, make new connections to our work, and expand our creative practice as an adventure into abstract expressionism.

Wendy believes that color, line, and texture all tell a story ... and she wants to give you a beauty-packed 2 days by guiding YOU as you harness your own unique story through the power of your own impulse and how it longs to express.

Wendy's beautiful abstracts, florals, and landscapes hang in homes around the world.


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Erin Faith Allen ::: Oracle Cards

13-14 October, 2018


For millennia, people have sought the wisdom of the multi-named universal benevolence through oracles, prophets, relics, signs, and cards.

In this workshop, I will guide you through the exciting process of creating a set of oracle cards filled with your own powerful lexicon of personal symbology, myth, and magic.  We will spend time conjuring your own unique interpretations, and exploring meaning and perception.

Exploring a variety of mixed media techniques, you will have the opportunity to apply layers, texture, collage, illustration and text to each card.

You will be surprised at the inspiration you feel as you curate your own deck through a transformative surrender to your highly individual creative expressions that shine forth your personal aesthetic and talis(wo)men.

I will share mixed media techniques, and guide you throughout your process.  This workshop will be conceptually based.  I do not guide workshops on technique alone, nor do I teach you to make art that looks like mine.  I guide workshops with an open heart and high intention to hold a space for you to find your unique, authentic expression.


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Jenny Doh ::: Painting by Heart

October 20-21, 2018


How do you feel when you look at the canvas and consider the process of painting? Is it possible for you to conceive of a way for that feeling to change and evolve? If so, how might you go about getting your feelings about the painting process to evolve … anywhere from slightly to radically different?

Just like I would never hand over a sewing machine to someone who has never sewn and say “follow your intuition and just sew,” I also think that guidance with paints and related materials is needed to get a person to feel comfortable with the painting process, before we engage our intuitions.


  • Overview of tools and materials with principles of best practices in terms of handling paints and caring for tools
  • Warm-up exercises to get our mindsets into new ways of thinking and seeing and feeling
  • Demonstration and teaching of how to build layers of paint on a blank canvas using 15+ methods
  • Discussion of concepts drawn from literature that have applicaions on how to overcome creative barriers during the creative process
  • Discussion of lifelong journey involving how to make the art we make our own by reaching deep into who we are and allowing who we are to be expressed on our canvases
  • Principles of solving problems and deciding when a work is finished or finished for the time being
  • How to look at and discover concepts that the canvas communicates and how to coax such concepts out into distinctive imagery
  • How to apply representational concepts onto the canvas by working with references and quiet the background, and when appropriate, to add shadows for still life-inspired images


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Jenny Doh ::: Oil Painting Bootcamp

January 12-13, 2018


In this workshop, I will teach the basic fundamentals for preparing and executing alla prima (wet-on-wet, single-session work) still life oil paintings using actual objects from life and/or photos references of subjects.

On the first day, we will discuss palette organization, paintbrush organization, substrate preparation, life composition, and value recognition, and artistic discipline. We will also look at paintings from some of my favorite oil painters and discuss their works in terms of composition, value and color. I will do a painting demonstration on gessobord to help participants complete a small non-complex still life oil painting.

On the second day, we will embark on a slightly larger work on paper with a slightly more complex composition/reference, using the fundamentals that were discussed on day one. Each participant will approach her/his work area in a manner where they are putting to practice all that was discussed on the first day.

For your convenience, I will provide all oil paints, medium, palette paper, and substrates for all participants. This will help you use and understand my favorite tools and materials before you make the investment into buying everything.  A small list of requirements will be sent after registration, and closer to the date of the workshop.


Please note, all sales are final.