With a lifelong interest in World War Two, my move to Europe a decade ago thrust me into in-depth research and a need to touch deeply into the many rabbit holes of this horrific span of time.

Since then, I have been on a journey into the underworld of human behavior.

My lens into the shadow aspects of humanity was this rise of fascism and the resulting war, violence, trauma, and genocide in 1930s and 40s Europe.

I have immersed myself into various aspects of World War Two, and studied intricately the human behaviors that weave through the cataclysm of a world in heaving conflict.

I have painted, collaged, made films, photographed,and published a book about the ripple effects, triumphs, and tragedies of the dark world of war.

Above all else, I am fascinated endlessly by human behavior and the transformational power that lies within our encounters. We always have a choice: we can lift one another up … or tear each other’s worlds apart.