self as muse

Erin Faith Allen ::: Self As Muse (mixed media)

February 16-17, 2019

In this workshop you will look to your self as your most powerful muse, and experience a number of self-portrait techniques and processes to guide you ever deeper into the truth of who you are. You do not need to be an expert painter or artist for this workshop - and we will not be looking for perfectionism in our renderings.

Instead, we will seek authentic and raw explorations for an output that is liberating and gives you permission to be - and express freely - all that you truly know yourself to be. Perhaps you will uncover new truths beside the layers of collage and paint that we will adventure through in our time together.


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Erin Faith Allen ::: Transfer-mation (mixed media collage)

April 6-7, 2019

In this workshop we bring inspirational photos into evocatively evolved versions of themselves. Pushing boundaries and implementing multiple image transfer techniques, we will take your creativity to places you couldn't imagine if you tried. Sourcing material from your personal image collection that brings forward sentiment and sensation, you will combine transfer processes with mixed media techniques for layering and transformation on your canvas..


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Erin Faith Allen ::: Drawn In (art journal)

August 24-25, 2019 

'I can't draw' is the number one thing I hear when people express their artistic longings.  But ... I promise you ... you can!  In this workshop we will build upon the basic technique of drawing to fill up your canvas with layered collages, and dynamic creative outpourings.

All you need to dive in and flourish in this workshop (and life, am I right?) is a willingness to freefall, and a desire to give up any need to control outcome - or be perfect in your approaches and the art that you create. By leaning deep within, you'll draw forth your own unique truths that will create an aesthetic uniquely your own.


Please note, all sales are final.