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Lovely friends, this is our midpoint check-in.

It’s time to go inside and reflect.

What is circulating through your mind, body, and soul?

What is ruminating as a result of reading through the mythology?

What epiphanies have you held like lightning bolts in your psyche?

What waterfalls of emotion have you felt roaring under your skin?

We can only take in as much as we can take in.

We can only process as much as much as we allow the space to do so.

Are you allowing yourself space?

Are you allowing yourself room to breathe?

Are you allowing yourself the bandwidth to ruminate, cognate, and feel?

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What is your mythology?

This session, instead of offering mythological information for you to absorb, I want to extend an invitation.

Write your OWN mythology.

If you were granted a beautiful book and pen, and all the time in the world, what myth would you write about yourself, your life, and the people you share it with?

What is the mythology of the people you come from? The nations? The men? The women?

What would you look like, sound like, feel like? What would your superpowers be? What would the lesson be that you would leave for all of us in your wake?

What is your name? What are your values? What do you do with your days? What gives you pleasure? What has been your pain?

This is a beautiful beautiful beautiful opportunity to see yourself and all of the twists and turns of your life as story that can lead you forward. You can make up the future aspects, and then you can dedicate yourself to making every decision that you make line up with that version of the story.

It can literally begin:

Once upon a time ….

and end:

And she lived happily ever after.

I guess that’s more fairy tale but I wanted to help you get a jump start.

You don’t even have to write this down, you can just spend a little time with your eyes closed in your imagination.

You are the hero of your own life. If you choose. :)