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Ghost Ranch 2018 Accommodation

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A watercolor paint box with a banner and a photo of Erin Faith Allen. Text reads Ghost Ranch Art Retreat, Abiquiu NM, April 25-30, 2018

If you have any questions which are not answered below, please email Polly and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Accommodation at Ghost Ranch

About Ghost Ranch

Dinosaurs once walked the soggy wetlands that became the arid high desert of Ghost Ranch. Millions of years later Navajos and various other tribes roamed the valley. The Spaniards settled here and then came the cattle rustlers, the wranglers and the dudes. Arthur Pack, one of the country’s first environmentalists, bought the Ranch and sold a little piece of it to Georgia O’Keeffe. The history of Ghost Ranch reads like a novel. View the google map here of Ghost Ranch location and you can find out even more about the venue on their website here.

About the Accommodation

When you register for this event you can choose the type of accommodation to suit your preferences and your budget. Please let us know if you are attending with your partner as this can assist us when the time comes for us to allocate specific rooms. Please note, we have had to increase the prices from last year to cover the extra night on the Ranch, we have done this in direct response to your feedback following our last retreat at Ghost Ranch where more than 85% of you wished there had been a closing ceremony and a chance for some informal social time to conclude our time together and to say our goodbyes.

Please be aware that all the accommodation at Ghost Ranch is very rustic to keep inline with this beautifully natural environment. This is a ranch after all. 

Please read the notes under each accommodation type to see which type of room would best suit your needs. Golf carts are available for hire from the Main Office to help transport luggage for those requiring assistance.

Do I have to share a room? What are the accommodation options?

Most accommodation is shared, and all of the rooms have plenty of space and are comfortable. Most of the accommodation is within easy walking distance of the dining room, library and our workshop spaces (5-10 minutes walk, depending on how fast you walk!). If you have any issues with walking /mobility please ensure you note this on your registration form.

What is included in the price?

Four days of workshops.
Opening and closing ceremonies
Art Fair
*Five nights accommodation
*Three meals per day during retreat hours
Conservation fee

* These options are NOT included in the offsite sleeping option.

I am coming with a friend, can we share the same room?

Yes! When you both register for the retreat, please let us know your roommate request in the special request area of the registration form, so that we can ensure you will be roomies.

Can I stay an extra night at the ranch? (Monday April 30th)

We are unable to organise an extra night at Ghost Ranch as this is outside of the retreat hours, so we would highly recommend that you either head to the Abiquiu Inn locally, Santa Fe or back to Albuquerque.


photo credits (l to r): Ashley Fincham, Erin Faith Allen, Kelly Harcus, Ashley Fincham

Single Occupancy : Private bathroom : $2,685

For those who crave privacy and seclusion. Situated close to the Welcome Center, both these rooms have their own spacious bathrooms and seating areas.

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Single Occupancy : Semi-Private Bathroom : $2,585     

If you require the privacy of your own bedroom but are willing to share your bathroom with one or two other people of the same sex. These rooms are located between the Welcome Center and the Dining Room.

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Shared : Private Bathroom : Main Level : $2,485

Rooms on the main level of the site, situated between the Welcome Center and the Dining Room. Two people per room each with en-suite private bathrooms.

Comfortably appointed with neutral hues and a Southwest theme, each room has two beds (2 queens, or a queen + twin, or double + twin) and a dresser, nightstand, lamp, chair, closet and its own bathroom with shower. (please note the larger beds will be assigned to first come first served when you register). 

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Shared : Private Bathroom : Mesa Level : $2,485

Rooms as noted above. Located on the Mesa level with amazing views of the mountains. There are common rooms in each building which have soft furniture, tables and chairs, and a fireplace – perfect for group gathering. There is also a firepit outside for gathering under the stars.

Please note: you will need a car to get to these rooms when you arrive with luggage, there is a walking path which brings you close to the dining hall, library and Art Center area. If you love to walk and are of average fitness to walk up and down an incline, this is a great accommodation choice!

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Shared : Semi-Private Bathroom : $2,365

Rooms on the main level of the site, situated between the Welcome Center and the Dining Room. Each for two people with one bathroom for every two rooms.

These spacious, comfortably appointed rooms sit in the historical sections of Ghost Ranch, most are close to the Dining Hall and Library.

These older units each have a bedroom with two beds (a double + twin, or two twin beds), a dresser, a nightstand with a lamp, a chair and a closet. Every room shares a bath with an adjoining room; the bath is located between the two rooms. In a few units, two rooms also share a sitting area. (please note the larger beds will be assigned to first come first served when you register).

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Shared : Communal Bathroom : $2,165

Rustic rooms each for two people with use of two separate communal bathrooms for men and women. Access to the bathrooms from all of these rooms is by way of a well lit and covered walkway.

These rooms are very rustic and basic, have one bedroom with two beds (twin or some have a twin + a double) and a dresser, chair, shelf, mirror and reading lamp.

Many rooms have a sink. Some rooms have a closet, dresser, chair and desk; others have closets and sofas. Large communal bathrooms and showers are located outside, a few steps down a breezeway or covered porch. {please note, some rooms also have bunk beds which we do not use}

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Dorm : Communal Bathroom : $1,975

Rustic rooms shared with up to three other people of the same sex. Access to the bathrooms (separate for men and women) from all of these rooms is by way of a well lit and covered walkway.

: : : : : : : : : : : :

Workshops and activities only: offsite sleeping : meals not included : $1,650

For those of you who wish to arrange your own accommodation within the area. There are a couple of campsites on the Ranch and the Abiquiu Inn is approximately a 10 minutes drive from the site.