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A retreat can be about more than just your experience, your teachers and the location you are sharing.


How do I know this?


Because the connections made at my retreats are all about the unique imprint of energy that is formed when we gather with creativity pulsing through our fingertips, a desire to connect with fellow retreat goers, and with an openhearted willingness to inspire and be inspired.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Erin Faith Allen - Connect, Inspire, Create

“Art is self care.” – Erin Faith Allen

When we are behind the scenes building your retreat experience, we endeavor to create a safe space free from the day to day difficulties we all process and carry.


We hold the intention of creating this space for you: a quiet and playful time in which you can withdraw your focus from the hectic outer layers of our world, and bring your focus to experiencing what is real inside of you, to truly provide the opportunity for you to leave the outside world outside.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Erin Faith Allen - Connect, Inspire, Create

We are a family of artists regardless of our political beliefs. When I reflect on the current environment, one thing I feel for certain: we cannot afford to lose our sense of self. Art is self care, and we cannot allow someone to take away our care of self. It is also a way to care for our brothers and sisters, because when we make art we are cultivating the very sense of honesty required to face the world, to be the antennae the world needs right now, and to tell it through our creativity.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Erin Faith Allen - Connect, Inspire, Create

Speaking of the current environment, I wonder if you can relate to this feeling I have: feeling a great need to hunker down, reassess, dig deep and pull back the cobwebs.

In the past few weeks, I have been thinking about why I do what I do. For me, creating retreats is about something bigger than all of us as individuals. It’s about the one-of-a-kind mosaic that each of us contributes to when we gather – never again will a retreat happen with these same people you will see gathered around you.


So you see, it’s about us. All of us.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Erin Faith Allen - Connect, Inspire, Create

For the last 5 years, I’ve witnessed something magical happening when people come together at our retreats.

Gathering after gathering we arrive with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts, delighted to have a place to come and be.

We create a space where you can be who you are; with us you rub elbows with fellow humans whose hearts are also set on creating in wild abandon for a few days.

We create a space where you can eat, sleep, play, and immerse yourself totally and completely into your surroundings – which are always handpicked for their beauty and inspiration.

We create a space that brings out the best in you, in me, and everyone who attends.

Our art retreat is ultimately about peace in our hearts, love beaming from soul to soul, and a palpable sense of inclusion and unity.

I truly believe that in these times that we spend together we are happier, wiser, stronger, and more harmonious on the inside. I’ve heard time and time again how retreats have changed lives. And I’m looking forward to walking with you into that intention as we gather for our art retreat at Georgia O’Keeffe’s hallowed Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes, planning some fun surprises for our attendees. We’re also cranking up the proverbial heat, and will be announcing some very exciting new products and experiences in the near future.


Looking forward to seeing you there with us, under the big desert sky. To view our upcoming retreat schedule and make yourself a part of it, click here.

Photography above by Ashley Fincham

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