I'm Erin.

Let me bring you into my world. It's a glorious, sumptuous, and rich intersection where shadow and beauty collide and weave themselves together. In art and in life, I choose to dive in to the places a lot of people avoid.

I work it, plain and simple.

I tame those dark places, and express them in my art, filmmaking, and writing. I bring out their beauty.

Here's a little taste of what I'm talking about: 

I spent the last five years deeply diving into the underworld of the humans who lived through the tragedies and triumphs of World War Two. Through gut-busting on the ground research, an unstoppable thirst for knowledge, and a sturdy ability to walk in other people's shoes, I churned out a massive body of work that speaks to the power of the human spirit ... and to the detriments that can pull us under if we aren't embodied, empowered, and emboldened as humans can be.

I created a book about it.

In fact, I've brought two whole books into the world: The In Between, about my journeys through World War Two, and The Underneath, which is my visual memoir. Both are powerful, colorful compilations of mixed media art, photographs, and my journal-style writings. I've been told they've changed lives. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.54.06 AM.png

In a previous body of work, my insatiable curiosity and obsessive streak were given to fully embodying the mysterious and often painful realm of female experience. I didn't hesitate to dive in to the places where the goblins lurk, because I know the truth: that's where liberation lives.

My quest to understand the deep, intricate layers of the feminine led me through a doorway of curiosity about cultural inheritance and my own DNA. From there, I moved into the intoxicating realm of my ancestors, and didn't stop reaching for answers until I had filled out nearly every branch of my once bare-branched family tree a few years later.

That's me in a nutshell. I guess you could call me a transformation junkie, student of human behavior, bringing change into the world one person at a time. I weave beauty into shadow. Bring a little glow into the dark. And shine a hell of a light into dusty corners.

video by Thomas Guerrero