quote ::: tell your story

“Stories have to be told or they die,

and when they die,

we can't remember who we are or why we're here.”

― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Why this impulse to tell story? Have you thought about that?

What is the reason for your being here in this class?

What is the longing, or the need to express? Have you spent any time going deeper into your need to tell your stories, or the stories in your project?

Who are we without our stories?

Who are others without theirs?

What ARE stories?

What would life as a human be without stories?

Stories are visual too. They don’t need words.

Pictures, drawings, and markmaking tell stories, too. Painting is storytelling. Stitching is storytelling. Heartbeats, birth, and dying are storytelling.

Every breath we take is a story waiting to be told.

And you, letting your voice flow out through your fingertips, is the greatest story of all.


What you Can do

While still holding the tone of our passage last week from Dr Estes, about sitting in the stillness and engaging our senses to feel our truth …

Think about … feel into … the stories that have touched your life.

Who told this story?

Why did it touch you?

What part of you did this story touch?

Continue to ask yourself why, with each answer that reveals.




What would your life be like if you told the stories that sing through your veins?

What would you leave behind?

What questions would your voice ask, what questions would your voice answer?

You don’t need to DO anything with this information. Perhaps just in the inquiry, and taking time to hold the questions and the answers, you are honoring the storyteller AND yourself in a new way.

If you would like to, please share your thoughts on our weekly quote, and where your ruminations have taken you, in our FB group.

The power of story

Sometimes we feel like we are undeserving of preserving the story … whether it is our own life we long to tell of, or someone else, or a place, or another time.

I find an intersection between our quote above, and the message of this Ted talk with Susan Conley. For me, it’s kinda as simple as this:

Don’t we just love witnessing the stories of others? Isn’t all life worth telling about? Aren’t all of us deserving? Each precious moment of a nose pressed against a window pane, daydreaming? Each moment of an uncle observed, endlessly drinking his coffee? When we single out these seemingly insignificant moments, don’t we see the pure tenderness of life itself? Don’t we catch the truth? That real beauty is in ALL moments? Not just the big, thunderous triumphs and tragedies?

Doesn’t it make us want to slow down and bear witness?

To tell the tales, big and small?

To give voice to all the moments?

Then … why are we silencing our own voice? Our own precious moments? Our urges to create and share the tales we long to tell?

Could we really own the one, singular, only undeserving voice on the planet?

Please share with us in the FB group your thoughts and feelings around any or all of these questions.

my project


Last week, I found great comfort in the passage we shared together. I have been returning over and over to this touchstone of truth. My own stillness, my own senses, my own instincts, my own truth.

It is a rich and vast terrain inside, isn’t it?

My instincts tell me this:

The next 11 weeks is about YOU. I can better serve you, your process, your project, and your truths when my attention is in full presence with you. In our last session, I invited you into my process, and I truly did bare all. I lived my realness live and on screen with you from the intentional space of wanting to show you that wherever you are in your process, you are not alone. That I am not some kind of self-styled internet guru who is above anyone in any way. That I have the same struggles. That we are in this together. From where I sit now, that was a sweet offering of truth from my very real desire to walk beside you, and not position myself ahead of you or above you.

I have experienced a deep and many-tunneled interior world as a result of my digging into the layers of ground surrounding my times in Prague. I have had a VERY big process around this project in our break between Level One and Level Two. It has gone far into the belly of my being, as if my connection with Prague was the entrance point, and now I have gone far into the core of my own earth. I am grateful for the space we shared that allowed me the entrance.

Many life-changes have occurred because of the work we did together last session. One result of this tunneling is that I am clear that my desire is to be even more present with you. I know this is profoundly important because of my experience with you in our last session, and I find it hard to shape into words. All I can share is that I have felt this rolling around in me for some time, and it has only grown louder and louder, and because of my commitment to share my project with you, I have resisted.

My higher level truth is that my priority at this point is midwifing your stories with you. In this next 11 weeks, I am not opening my process into this group, because my next tunneling is to facilitate YOU as you incubate and birth what wants to reveal to you.

DEEPER is yours, I am yours, and our space is yours.

Each week following this one I will share thoughts, writings, creations … something I am working on that has been inspired by our time together. But my old personal project from our first session has undergone a death of sorts … while being reborn somewhere deep within. I will honor its death and rebirth by honoring YOU, in the very best and most wholehearted ways, while you are in your work for the duration of our time together..

the moon


This weeks card, from The Wild Unknown, was pulled with every single one of us held in my mind’s eye and heart.

What do you see, feel, hear, and know when you look at this card?

How does your felt sense about this card, align with the other sections of this week? With owning your voice? With telling the story you long to tell?

How does it inspire you? Move you? Stir you?

For me, The Moon card is a wayshower to my interior. It reminds me to roam, navigate, and root into my emotional world. To weave in and out of darkness (new moon) and illumination (full moon) with all my senses alert and engaged, and to be swallowed by my own rhythmic surrender to the ebb and flow of life.

After you spend a little time inside your own contemplations and stillness, pop over into the FB group and share with us your KNOWINGS.

You could also create a visual, a poem, a stream-of-consciousness flow using this card (and energy!) as your starting point.