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‘Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room

in order to hear your own voice

and not let it drown in the noise of others’.

- Charlotte Eriksson

Sometimes we choose to sit ‘lonely’ to hear our own voice, sometimes life forces it upon us.

Sometimes loneliness is a choice in and of itself. Sometimes it isn’t.

Hearing our voice or herding along with the noise of the crowd is another choice, too.

Our voice is really the only truth, though.

Everything else will lead us into chaos, unhappiness, and tether us to our longing to be more than we are allowing ourself to be.

Let’s trickle back in time to our first week together, when we named our basic needs or our basic vows.

Did you set them down to paper? Can you return to them?

Let’s assess where you are in relationship to the foundations you require in order to maintain deep devotion to yourself.

Let’s strip back all the world except who we are, what we feel, and just be in that.

This is going to be a very light and gentle week in terms of content as we contemplate where we are within our process.

Where we are … and who we are.

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what you can do

You always are who you are.

Thinking back on your vows to yourself at the beginning, in Week One, who are you?

What has changed, what has remained the same? What is non-negotiable? What can go, die, be grieved for?

What does YOUR voice tell you?

Are you listening?

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my deepening

I am in totally new skin.

The last several months has been a big, fat, huge dying.

Nearly everything I knew is gone. I am gone. I am grieving my formal self.

And yet … my basic needs have remained. This reinforces the idea that I am always who I am.

And I always will be. Regardless of sabotage. Avoidance. Drowning in vices. Judging the eff out of myself.

This means you are too.

My creative process is undergoing a dying, as well.

I am in surrender.


I wrote this a couple mornings ago. It just tumbled out.

Let your pain devour you 

Let your pain destroy you


Yes today. 

Let it rise up from its slumber and slay you 

Like the demon you are

A demon perpetrating on your own desires 

You destroy yourself day after day 


So why not let your pain take you 

Immolate you 

Eviscerate you 

Until you have eaten yourself from the inside out 

And have nothing left but tender new skin. 



Unflinching as fuck 







This is who you have been all along


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muse ::: Temperance

Temperance is the card of balance. Of holding opposites. Holding all the truths at once, and allowing all things to swirl and spill while we stick to our truths. For me, Temperance is embodying my stillpoint in such a way that alchemy just kinda happens. Yet, it is exactly the stillpoint and the wisdom required to hold that tone that creates the alchemy. And … as is the case with the most potent alchemical happenings, it is often a subtle and insidious softness that begins to pervade all aspects of our lives. Temperance is a card of self-control, equilibrium, and a devotion to the tone of holding still in the potency of our beingness, and trusting that is the only requirement for living.

What do YOU see or feel when you touch into this card? It is definitely worth googling this card to view all the other visual representations out there. It’s a gorgeous spiritual / emotional concept, and the other artistic renderings lend a ton of symbolic insight.

This card is from the Moonchild Tarot.