Erin Faith Allen

Unearthing, a new book

a powerful new book by Erin Faith Allen

During the 2017 holiday season, I am traveling to Europe on a mission to excavate darkness. In the shadows of human history lives the access to what I seek:  that delicate and wise slice of grey area between the black and white.

I will travel to places like concentration camps and battlefields. I have a need to understand how humans enter the state of mind that creates collective cruelty and war. It is through direct experience on the ground, a relentless pursuit of information, and churning curiosity that I find my answers.  It exists in the spaces between the compartmentalizations that humans are so good at.

In March 2018, I will release a book exclusively documenting this 14 day journey through 5 countries.

My itinerary is packed with some of World War Two's most notorious locations, which will all show up in this compilation of artwork, thought processes, photographs, and facts about the places I will venture into, the people I meet along the way, and the soulful excavation that always takes place.

The exclusive limited edition run of 50 hardcover books will arrive on your doorstep signed by me. Both the limited edition hardcover, and the wider release paperback versions will hold a minimum of 300 full color pages, and will provide you with the feeling that you were there, too. Right beside me, unearthing truth.

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Unearthing will be created live, in the field, during the 2017 holiday season from photos, sketches, mixed media art, and writing in the style of Erin's wildly popular first book The Underneath: A Visual Memoir. The images used here serve as a sample of the type of works created during my previous journeys to Europe’s war-soaked sites, to give you an idea of layout and feel of what you will receive. These images will not be included in the upcoming compilation.

More about my process

I study the uprising of totalitarianism and fascism, because they are an extreme illustration of the choices human beings make: how we treat one another on a daily basis, and how our individual thought processes and choices can become harmful to the whole.
As it turns out, humans haven't learned much from massive tragedies like World War Two.  Even though a minimum of 50 million people died in that conflict, the same human behaviors exist today.
I've spent years doing this research, and have a body of artwork that has grown alongside my knowledge.  This won't be my first trip to the historically emotive sites of Europe; I've had many rich - and dark - moments on the physical and emotional journeys I've undertaken there. 
When I'm on the ground, I document my travels through mixed media sketches, photography, film, and writings done in real time. When I come home, I produce artworks that weave them all together.  It's how I dig in, churn the metaphorical earth, and unwind the potent energy still alive in the air. I turn trauma into art, because that's what I do.  I've done this my whole life.