Trauma and War

In 2015 my ancestral research began to shift from my direct ancestral line into the various cultures and countries engaged in the Second World War, by way of my grandfathers' military service. Since then, my work has been almost exclusively engaged in the weighty process of digesting an endless stream of books I voraciously read; particularly those detailing the Polish, Czech, Latvian and French experiences under German occupation, as well as the German population itself.  

There is an endless spectrum of human behaviors brought to the surface in the tragedy of war, and every person involved, no matter which side they fall on, has choices to make in the most unfathomable of circumstances.  When I'm reading I tend to crawl into the shoes of those who came before, and that world of so many years ago becomes as real as today.

My interest lies mainly in themes of trauma, victim and perpetrator, and the instinct to survive.

These pieces represent various handmade and alternative books, altars and assemblage pieces, and paintings made in contemplation of history, and the legacies we all carry as a result of world war.

 Paintings and Assemblage, 2016

Journals, 2015-16