the underneath: a visual memoir

This visual memoir, by artist and visionary Erin Faith Allen, invites you into an intimate experience with her diary pages, photos, and artwork. All weave the tale of her determination to liberate her voice, feel her fire, and thrive – while overcoming  paralyzing PTSD, a panic disorder, and depression.

344 full color pages, softcover, 8.5 x 11 x 0.8


"A delicate, pink blossom in a bed of hot ashes, The Underneath calls you out of your slumbering comfort and conjures honesty from your cells ... and inspires the courage to face it." - Pixie Lighthorse, Earth Medicine Educator

"In a world where too many of us are afraid to talk about the traumas we’ve endured, Erin’s artfully courageous memoir opens up a bleeding, raw, and important conversation that captivates, motivates and inspires, leaving us no doubt that it is our stories that matter most." - Melody Ross, founder of Brave Living

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