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 TABOO ::: Online Workshop

June 3 - September 10

(99 days of wisdom, shadow, myth, ritual, and self-reclamation.)

You desire to crack open, but there are some things that hold you back. 

You desire to move out of victim consciousness and self-destructive behaviors.

You crave using your voice, conquering your fears, and living your desires.

You want to discover how to experience more deeply, and freely, in your body.

You yearn to cultivate a relationship with your innate holiness, and live in devotion to your holy self.

You want to feel more still within, less out there scrolling and doing.

You are hungry for intimacy, community, depth, and passion.

You are curious about (or obsessed with!) mythology, archetypes, and wisdom of an esoteric nature.

You know that in order to shine your brightest you need to peer into a few dark corners and brush away the cobwebs.

You crave the simple pleasures in life - and want to learn how to receive in order to give.

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Speaking of receiving, let’s start with what you will receive (wink wink) when you sign up for TABOO:


  • Biweekly written content* released in my online classroom centered around my storytelling and memoir-esque writings, ancient wisdom, and the mythology of characters like Isis, Eve, Aphrodite, Mary Magdalene and more.

  • This content is written to evoke: mine your shadows for your banished aspects, learn to love your taboos and recognize them as your super powers, pop open your possibilities, activate your deepest feminine essence, and cultivate a healthy relationship with your masculine essence, too. You may not always be comfy, but you will always be encouraged, and held, into a more conscious and embodied version of yourself. Overall, the content is contemplative and deeply stirring.

  • Prompts intended to deepen your thinking and feeling, or a creative expression if you choose - such as sensual selfies, writing exercises to excavate and liberate your deepest secrets.

  • Tools to deeply practice the beauty and unity of self-devotion.

  • Life-changing guidance on topics like: walking - and thriving - in the shadows, living a pleasure centered life by filling up your well, how to reclaim the core essence of your being.

  • Intimate FB community for sharing digestion and process. My FB groups are always rich, supportive, and safe environments free of judgement.

  • 1:1 support from me in the FB community. I get very involved in your process, and want you to know that you aren’t alone. The rest of the group is super active and will support you as well.

  • Biweekly Zoom lives for live personal interaction. (If you’ve participated in my live sessions you know how powerful they are!)

  • Access to reduced cost 1:1 sessions for TABOO members only

    *Content released every other week. This will be potent, magical, life-changing stuff packed with information and inspiration. The absorption time will do you good.

Hand in hand, we will walk you into deeper devotion, self-reclamation, and pure unbridled power.

One payment of $299:

Four payments of $99:

Registration closes in mid May. All sales are final.

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Erin is a master storyteller who weaves magic with her raw words and art. She is a brilliant alchemist who is able to see the astounding beauty and deep darkness in all things, and she melds them together into new vision. Erin is a gifted teacher who leads you into your own self-discoveries through her wealth of talent and examples. 

When you take part in one of her workshops you are immersed in a new way of doing, and a new way of being. Boundaries are pushed, layers are peeled back. Thoughts, ideas and emotions are exposed; and your own wild, inspirational creative freedom is the payoff. 

Every creative soul striving to go deeper should give themselves this gift ... you won’t be sorry. 

Wrynn Welty, artist and teacher

Much of life is messy, not clearly defined and leaves many of us scrambling for the “reboot” key or an instruction manual. So much of our humanity is bound up in our stories – those fairy tales we’ve longed to become realities, those stories we’ve made up and believe are our truths, and those stories that have been handed down through generations or assigned to us by others.

Erin is a gifted author, artist, teacher, and excavator of stories. She has helped many women unravel the stories of their histories to get at the truths these tales tell.

Raw, vulnerable and intuitive, Erin leads her classes by example and guides attendees gently down rabbit holes to collect the fragments of their personal histories. Once found and illumined by a fresh perspective, these old narratives can be rewritten from a place of strength, compassion and love.

Jana Freeman, artist and workshop facilitator at Way Art Yonder Studio