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ISIS AND OSIRIS by susan seddon boulet

ISIS AND OSIRIS by susan seddon boulet

You do have a bit of an Isis complex’, she said. The next sentence to come out of her mouth was a succinct thank you and goodbye, and we hung up.

It was a last minute quickie reading with a new-to-me astrologer, lasting a full 15 minutes, filled with references to obscure asteroids and fixed stars. For me, that’s the best kind of experience - the kind where I can walk away with more questions than answers and dive in to research and learning. I’ve spent years learning and embodying astrological symbolism, and it is a tool that makes sense to my brain.

I hung up, stunned, and felt like a billion hearts came to a stop in my own body. 

Isis complex?

Holy f*ck.

It made sense, without even making sense. A new piece to the labyrinthian puzzle of me that I am constantly questing to complete.

Suddenly, the quest had a newly illuminated path and purpose.

Suddenly, I could see aspects that I’d been operating in shadow.

Suddenly, I could feel a subtle, yet all encompassing, shifting of my own orbit.

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In case you don’t know the full development of the mythology of Isis, you can find it HERE

In summary, Isis was the daughter of Night. She was birthed from the dark expanse of sky that holds the stars themselves. She was the beloved of Osiris, god of the afterlife and underworld. When Set, god of chaos and trickery, murdered him and dismembered his body and scattered the pieces over the earth, Isis devoted herself to finding, gathering, and re-membering his body. She then gave herself to him in a devotional sex act, he resurrected from the dead, and Isis became impregnated with Horus.

Just like all our other goddesses and mythological women in Taboo, Isis has become the ultimate sponge for human projection. 

Walk hand in hand with her through thousands of years of history, and you will find that her ‘meaning’ and definition through the ages has shape-shifted to suit the priesthood, royalty, and international culture wherever it flows. 

Think about that. 

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The day I began contemplating the goddess Isis on my own terms, was the day my life really began to change.

These days in popular culture, Isis is synonymous with sex magic, ‘twin flame’ jargon, and anything ancient Egypt. 

I don’t really get too wrapped up in popular culture. Sometimes I outright reject it. Group-think is boring, dangerous, and downright silly in my humble opinion. Oh yes, we need popular culture and it’s collective container of knowledge to get us started on our pathways, or nudge us along, or even sometimes carry us. 

But, group-think can also rob us blind of our own inherent knowledge and experience.

Because I did not hear my astrologer’s definition of ‘Isis complex’, I have been free to find my own. 

I have spent the last year *feeling* into the archetypal and metaphorical representations of Isis, Osiris, and the rest of the gang. I have spent time exploring the historical and cultural underbellies of their story. Ever the historian, I’ve sought ‘proof’ of the various definitions of Isis, her magic, her cult, and her re-appearances in our modern pop culture. Ever the anthropologist, I’ve spun the threads of human choice, behavior, and psychology into my learning. 

In order to investigate this ‘Isis complex’ as spoken to me through the astrologer and the placement of the asteroid Isis in my natal chart, I have to spend time ruminating, researching, and re-membering the mythology AND myself. I could have requested another session in order to seek her definition of my so-called complex. But I did not. I know it always means more, is more personalized, and more penetrating when we seek our own answers.

For me, that one sentence and its massive cliffhanger, was one of the greatest gifts of my life. A slow burning, still-churning journey toward re-membrance of the truth of who I am.

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One of the most subversive, underground, quiet taboos is thinking for ourselves.

Women have been burned, imprisoned, ostracized, and ridiculed for refusing to fit into the cookie cutter of whatever culture they belong to.

So have men.

So, most often, we don’t. And we don’t even realize how much we absorb and digest that isn’t even our own. We then wonder why we feel disconnected, lost, torn apart and unable to put ourselves back together.

Conversely, in this day and age, we refuse to allow others to think for themselves, too. We all do this, and again, it’s often without thinking. Unless it lines up to our thinking or belief system, they are WRONG. 


Why must we, like Set with Osiris, tear apart our friends, family, colleagues and community if they don’t agree with us? 

Why must we tear ourselves apart in order to ‘fit in’? Why are we so empty, so over-full, so afraid of our own knowledge and power that we let other people tell us what everything means, what we are supposed to do and believe, and often without question?

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Spend a little time reading and feeling the mythology of Isis and Osiris. 

Do you have an Isis complex? 

And, what does that even mean to you?

An Osiris complex?

And, what does that even mean to you?

A Set complex?

And, what does that even mean to you?

Not everyone will relate to these archetypal energies, but in exploring the questions, you open a deeper pathway of inquiry into this allegory, and a deeper pathway into you.

You will find deeper truth. 

You will find your own questions.

And, you will find your own answers.

And, in exploring your *own* thoughts and feelings, asking your own questions, and seeking your own answers, you will be rebelling against the taboo of finding your own, silent, earth-shattering truths.

You will also deeply, devotionally, and profoundly be honoring the highly illuminating truths of this particular myth, because you will be re-membering yourself.

This, my beautiful friend, is probably the most sacred ritual of all. 

You can light all the candles, burn all the sage, invoke all the deities ... AND YET… true magic is to wholly live, feel, breath, and harness your *own* truth, beauty, and power.

Everything else leads to dismemberment.


No matter how you interpret her myth, one thing is certain: Isis is a deity who represents pure, unbridled devotion.

There is no one more deserving of your devotion than you.

PS … in nearly all depictions of Isis, she has massive spread wings. Perhaps symbolic of her flight through the world to recover the pieces of Osiris. Perhaps symbolic of her protection as sought through the ages. What do you feel inside yourself when you see her wings?

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