TABOO ::: Info + Welcome

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Here’s a little admin for all of us, just to get started.

Password for this (and all other videos) is: XXXXXX

Links to lessons will be posted in the FB group every other Sunday, for a total of 99 days, and seven lessons.

You can find the classroom (with links to the lessons) HERE.

The classroom will remain open until the end of December, 2019.

If you haven't already, please join the Facebook group HERE.

Our FB Lives will be scheduled every other week, and the times will be posted in the FB group.

If you any other questions please post them in the FB group or email Erin at

Please, please, please *do not* message me on FB. I love to hear from you, but it's best to go directly to my inbox. Your message will likely get lost in FB, and I will not be able to respond in the timely manner I prefer.