Are you ready to invoke your banished, taboo, desirous self?



  • You are a woman, from any walk of life, any sexual orientation, any background. 

  • You would benefit 1 : 1 mentoring through (recorded) video sessions, and extra support through an online space for just the two of us.

  • You are all about unlocking the forbidden, the banished, all the things your mother or your Sunday School teacher told you were bad for you.

  • You are a shadow worker. Excavator. Deep diver. Mythology and archetype diva who can rock an allegory like there’s no tomorrow.

  • You are FIERCE. Ya know, you burn sage like a mofo but crave more passion, ritual, and actual magic in your life. Like a whole frigging inferno of it.

  • Speaking of … you like getting hot, and thrive on WALKING THE FIRE of transformation.

  • You feel coiled up, dried out, directionless, passionless, and stuck.

  • You KNOW there is more to your one precious life than what you are just getting through, and just surviving.

  • You want to create connection in a holy AF space we will curate together to encourage, uplift, and enliven your TRUE desirous, divine self.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 2.24.07 PM.png


  • A ‘snap your fingers and wave a magic wand’ program - your FULL attention is required, hence the application process. We will go places together if you know what I mean, and you will definitely want to bring your full headspace, heartspace, and soulspace.

  • Anything less than deep introspection and soul work. We are going to peel back some serious untruths about being a woman, a human, and alive.

  • A pretty as pie and sweet lil journey, though the forbidden fruits born of your attention to yourself will be luscious, life-changing and abundant. 

  • For the love-and-light crowd. The levitators. The bypassers. Nope. We are going to open doors and peer into dank and dusty corners that might not work for you if you prefer to keep it light.

  • A place to hate on the masculine side of things (or anything for that matter), because that doesn’t really solve anything, and it doesn’t elevate anyone, which is the point here. Also. Men are holy, too.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an art workshop or mentorship, though if you are a creative being interested in honing your expressive skills through deep shadow diving, pleasure hunting, and liberation of your voice - this is definitely a delicious alignment with that desire.

Because of the intimate level of work we will be doing together, and the amount of devotion I will pour onto each woman in my program, TABOO is entered into as a sacred container and in sacred agreement.