May 29th — June 2nd

(Limited to eight)

In Rome we will seek the beauty in her scars; and our scars, our revealed edges, and our truest self. That glorious place within us that is always thriving, seeing, and being … no matter what.

Joined by my friend Henry Lohmeyer, a gifted and contemplative photographer and truly brilliant soul, I am thrilled to offer this time of being to you. I’ll be joining lenses, so to speak, with Henry - and returning to my roots as a passionate seer and muse.

We invite you to spend a few days with us in this sumptuously layered city, indulging in true living in the midst of our screen-driven world.

We will lean into new edges within ourselves as we slow down, savor, and devour the true beauty that flourishes in our surroundings … and ourselves.

We will indulge in the historical, cultural, and visual glories that Rome has to offer.

We will create sketchbooks made of our photos and words.

And most importantly we will LIVE, passionately.

In the present moment.




In the song by Sean Rowe: To Leave Something Behind there is a line: “I cannot read what I did not write.”

Within the layers of those eight words we feel: what we create is ours alone to hold and measure, we cannot create what we do not actually experience … and we must give ourselves over to that experience in order to create from it.

And so, with this in mind, we will give ourselves over to Rome, and create from our experience something that we can hold.

You will create a sketchbook to bring each delicious moment spent wandering even closer to you through your own words and pictures. We will do this individually, yet also share the intimacy of the moments.

And, at the end of our time together, Erin and Henry will curate and design a second printed book from the collection of all of your individual handmade books which will be sent to you.

You will have your book, for you, by you.

And our book, a professionally published (limited edition just for us) collection of sketchbook pages from our communal, nurturing Rome experience.

Our sketchbooks are our honorings of the zest for life that Rome will fill us with …

Our way of leaving something behind, while taking our revelations about ourselves forward.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.55.09 PM.png

Our Time

Henry and I intend to stay in tune to the group ethos and how we are feeling from day-to-day. Shooting varies from one day to the next, but we hold that one day lifts the next and the next, in organic growth.

It's really all we know how to do: stay open to the space we hold and each other.

Here’s an example of our days:

  • Each morning will begin over breakfast with Erin and Henry. We will share a theme and some thoughts to ruminate on, plus a brief discussion on the days planned events.

  • 9a-2p: We will meander out to specific locations (such as the Forum, the Coliseum, or an off-the-beaten-path site) to photograph and witness, taking time to reflect on what stirs within.

  • 2p-6p: Free time. This time is yours to write, *see*, shoot, and wander the streets of Rome in a more solitary way, if you choose.

  • 6p: Dinner.

  • 7p - wee hours (if desired): We make our books with a minimalistic approach of assembling printed photos and writings. We will tape, staple, fold, tear, and listen to the simple yearning of our hearts in compiling our creative magic within the glorious covers of our book. This is all about simplicity and spilling forth our memories of the days we share ... to tuck them away for that distant day when the mere memories of your time in Rome, our time together in Rome, will continue to be so provocative and healing.



The villa is divided into 6 apartments and is located in the exclusive Reserve of Valle dei Casali. Each apartment has 4 beds, with possibility of adding a fifth, a bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen in the living area and a private terrace. While bedrooms may be shared, you will have your own bed. At your arrival a lush garden and a beautiful private grounds await you.***



We are limiting this to eight, for a truly intimate gathering.

The price of this gathering will include:

  • Accommodations for five days and four nights.

  • Aside from lunches each day while we are out, this is an all inclusive event.**

  • Light fare breakfasts each morning and cozy dinners each evening—we will do our best to cater to dietary needs.

  • We will guide you each day there through the noted beauty of Rome, and the ‘off the beaten path’ places as well—those that tell the truest stories. We will also set you free to explore Rome your way.

  • Each night will be filled with food, soft music, sharing and supporting one another's creativity and the feelings we express. 

There are a couple of ways to pay:

To reserve your spot, please send $1,450 (through Venmo to henry-lohmeyer), with balance ($1,000) being due by May 1st. ***

If in Europe, use Paypal, making payment(s) to erinfaithallen at

Please feel free to email, with any questions you may have.


henry lohmeyer

Henry Lohmeyer uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting.

A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris, France, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elsewhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”

erin faith allen

Erin Faith Allen is a professional seer, wanderer, and documenter of the glorious intersection where shadow and beauty collide and weave themselves together.

If you could crack open the archives of her world, they would reveal an obsession with preserving the present moment, that interlude between being in what *is* … and dissecting and digesting it.

A seasoned photographer, filmmaker, author, and mixed media artist, her most passionate muse relishes the pleasure of travel, culture, history and the exploration of sensory experiences.

***It is our intention to secure this space, but if another is needed, due to fewer signups or to unforeseen events, accommodations as nice or nicer will be chosen. 

**Prices do not include airfare or transportation to and from the house in Rome.

***Because of limited space available, deposits are nonrefundable. However, the deposit can be transferred to a participant taking your spot.