When you settle into a workshop with me, you can expect to learn new ways of being with yourself. Every session we hold together is anchored into a warm and loving space where as a community we nurture our authentic creative voice. And I believe you have one: your own creative voice, and I believe it naturally longs for release and continuous uninhibited expression.

My workshops are all about coming together and sharing. Sharing art techniques. Sharing hearts. Sharing materials. Sharing stories, growth processes, encouragement, and a sweet space full of laughter, with plenty of tender hands to hold tears.

Through the artmaking process and the supportive collective holding it, we can shapeshift our worlds through tapping into our individuality, harnessing it, and developing steps and practices that will cultivate its strength and longevity. We do this because we each want to be better artists and better humans, in touch with the world around us, and benefitting everyone who comes in contact with us. What we are in our art and it’s process is what we are in life and it’s process. What is expressed and grown in one individual has no choice but to ripple outward to benefit the greater world – this is my core belief as a human being and a teacher.

These workshops are 2 days long, on Saturday and Sunday, from 10-4:30 with an hour break for you to eat your packed lunch, or drive to a nearby restaurant.  The location is in Katy, Texas (greater Houston area) and an address will be given to you upon registration, as will your materials list.

Texas Monthly Art Workshops - Erin Faith Allen - Houston Artist

I will share mixed media techniques, and guide you throughout your process. I do not guide workshops on technique alone, nor do I teach you to make art that looks like mine.  This workshop will be conceptually based, and you will have my full attention and plenty of one on one time.  I guide workshops with an open heart and high intention to hold a space for you to find your unique, authentic expression.

My workshops always sell out, are filled with spectacular people, and are a safe, warm, and freeing environment where you get to be all that you are and watch magic unfold from your own fingertips.