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I’m a woman on a mission to open minds one Taboo at a time.

You might disagree or be triggered by some of the things we talk about here because I’m a little bit of a provocateur.

What is expressed is literally only my viewpoint of the moment. 

I don’t have an attachment to being right, or making YOU feel wrong. I endeavor to provoke thought and conversation. If I make your brain and your body spin? Mission accomplished. 

There is one truth that cannot be taken away: when we embrace the taboo, or banished, aspects of ourselves … we set ourselves free.

And when we are free, we set those around us free too.

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Episode 5 ::: How Women Shame Women

I have participated in both sides of this coin, and odds are you have, too.

It’s real.

And it’s time to stop.

In this episode I offer a little bit of Eve, a few f-bombs (as always), and a lot of truth.

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 Episode 4 ::: Pleasure Is Not a Dirty Word

Today we are going to talk about my favorite word in the entire universe … and the universes that exist within this word.

The word is … pleasure.

What does pleasure mean to you? When you hear me say this word do you feel excited? Scared? Alive? Frozen?

Among the vast galaxies that spin through the world of pleasure … possibility, promise, and potency await you … if you dare to invite them.

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Episode 3 ::: The Alchemy of Depression

(This episode was recorded as a ‘test’ and I decided to leave it, unedited, as is.)

As women, we often feel stuffed and locked inside ourselves. One of the ways this shows up is through the lens of depression. I have walked this path, too.

In this podcast I share a sliver of a recent multi-faceted experience with depression as initiation, rite of passage, and tool to reclaiming my full self.

I get real about combing the ashes of loss for transformation and beauty, and how self-responsibility is the only way out of victim consciousness.

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Episode 2 ::: Is Social Media Killing Creativity?

This episode was recorded as a ‘test’ and I decided to leave it, unedited, as is.

Oh, the ways we twist ourselves in order to ‘make it’ as a modern artist.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s a gruesome experience some days!

This episode contains my meandering thoughts and opinions formed from several years as a full-time entrepreneur.

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Episode 1 ::: We Are Not Taboo

We’ve all got little bits and pieces of ourselves that we hide because we’ve been told those pieces are taboo, or socially forbidden and unacceptable.

There’s a deep craving rippling through the women I know. We long for a place to be all that we are, and to break out of the cookie cutter expectations that have been thrust upon us.

It’s time to begin believing we are holy, just as we are. There’s nothing about us that is taboo.