makeup bags + zipper pouches


These lined and zippered pouches are perfect for your art supplies, and pair perfectly with Erin's notebooks or tote bags for on-the-go creative expression.

Printed with colorful images and textures from one of Erin's art journals.

Whether your tools of the trade are scissors, makeup, rulers, or camera gear, these makeup bags are perfect for keeping your essentials in one place ready for action. Denim lined with an inner pocket, makeup bags feature vibrant colourfast prints on durable poly canvas.

  • Denim Lined: Indigo demin lining provides a soft structure for your carry-all.

  • Vibrant printed canvas

    100% polyester textured canvas shell withstands everyday use while looking great.

  • Metal Zipper

    Choose from long-lasting nickel or brass zippers to suit your artwork.

  • Vegan Leather Pull Tab

    Side pull tab gives you extra grip on your carry-all.

As these are printed to order, all sales are final




From art supplies, to keepsakes, travel gear or gadget cases, these carry-alls really do it all. Ranging from 10” to 16” wide with a vibrant printed durable canvas shell and denim lining, there’s not much you can’t use these vertisitile zipper pouches for.