Erin Faith Allen

Oracle Cards – Online Workshop Bundle

Oracle Cards Bundle ::: Online

For millennia, people have sought the wisdom of the multi-named universal benevolence through oracles, prophets, relics, signs, stars, planets, and various kinds of cards.

In this online bundle of videos, audio, and text,  I will guide you through the exciting process of creating a set of oracle cards filled with your own powerful lexicon of personal symbology, myth, and magic.  I will also lead you on an exploration into conjuring your own unique interpretations, and explore the meaning and perception behind the imagery that will be emerging for your illumination.  

Ultimately, you will have a firm insight into your unique wisdom, and a solid experience with your true knowingness that lives within YOU, rather than being something you have to reach for, or beg and beseech for.

In the videos, you will see my demonstrations of the techniques I use to apply layers, texture, collage, illustration and text to a set of cards.  

You will be surprised at the inspiration you feel as you curate your own deck that you can be reached for daily, weekly, or as your heart desires.  The resulting deck will be a one-of-a-kind piece of you, and your innate beauty and wisdom, that can be relied on for your lifetime.   

Through the course content I will help you fall into a transformative surrender to your authentic creative voice.   I will share mixed media techniques, and guide you throughout your process.  This workshop will be conceptually based.  I do not guide workshops on technique alone, nor do I teach you to make art that looks like mine.  I guide workshops with an open heart and high intention to hold a space for you to find your unique, authentic expression.


  • A complete set of downloadable (keep 'em forever!) videos that reveal my entire oracle card making process, from start to finish.
  • Audio guidance on the vast world of symbolism and the collective unconscious, authentic voice, the unique wisdom that lives within each of us, interpretation techniques, and more.
  • Audio guidance into your own unique and authentic visual language.
  • Insight and tell-alls into the esoteric tools and symbolism I use in my work.  
  • Resources to inspire you on your journey inward such as books to peruse, music to listen to, and a few handy internet links.
  • Helpful hints on materials, mediums, and technique.


It's a do it on your pace, in your own time kinda thing.  The course drops into your inbox on January 17, 2018.  You will receive a link to a private password protected classroom with downloadable videos.  The videos are all yours, forever.  (The rest of the content will stay live for as long as I'm running the course on my website - there is no end in site.)


After you sign up, you'll receive an auto email from me, with a recommended materials list, but please know that you can always improvise anything I demo in the videos. Your ideas and methods are going to be just as valuable, and just as fun. As a guide, I prefer to keep suggested materials light and loosey goosey. There are no 'rules' and there are no expectations in my workshops.