Where Have you gone?

This is one of those sentences that can be read a few different ways.

WHERE have you gone?

Where have YOU gone?

Where have you GONE?

And …

Which parts of you are gone? What is still with you? What has shifted? Intensified? Dissipated?

This is the part where we celebrate and acknowledge all of the above …

We celebrate the journey we have given ourself.

We celebrate what we have discovered.

We celebrate what we have deepened into.

We celebrate what we have let go.


We trust.

We trust that all we have gathered is moving forward with us.

We trust that all we have released is no longer with us.

We trust that our deepening will continue to deepen.

We trust that our creative expression of all of this … and more … will move through us.

what you can do

Be gentle with yourself.

That is the most important thing you can do.


Stay with yourself.

Bring forward everything you have learned about connecting to yourself, into every. single. moment. of. your. days.

It doesn’t stop here, you guys.

Re-visit this material as often as you desire. You will certainly find morsels tucked here and there to feed you.