What Will You Gain From The Metamorph Online Art Workshop?

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Metamorph is my 12-month online art workshop, and its core intention is to provide a safe space—a cocoon of sorts—for people who would like to grow, stretch their wings, and fly into new spaces within their own inner world. So far, we have created over 60 videos on techniques, concept, and demos.

Works L to R: Barb Nicholson, Grace Morgan, and Nicole Warrington.

When I decided to teach a 12-month online art class, there was a part of me that felt slightly terrified about what I was getting myself into! Ahead of me: 12 months of in-depth conceptual lessons—not just technique instruction- on topics like Who Am I, The Hero’s Journey, Archetypes, Fire, and Shadow. Yikes.

I jumped in anyway.

Let’s just say it’s been one of the most life-changing and interesting 8 months of my life, and the connections I’ve made through these classes have empowered me through all that has been going on behind the scenes in my own personal metamorphosis.

And so, 8 months into filming Metamorph, here’s what I have loved and learned:

  • When you set an intention with firm resolve, you receive more than you ever dreamed. The ‘more’ I am talking about shows up in community, creativity, inspiration, growth, wonder, awe, and fulfillment.

  • People are amazing. Our exclusive Facebook group has 400 members and it is the safest, sweetest, most supportive creative community I have come in contact with, ever.

  • People really want to be the best version of themselves, and to support others in their endeavor to be the same. The members of our online art workshop share the most poetic, beautiful, soul-stretching imagery and words. They really want to grow, to heal, to provide a soft space for others to land. In a world sometimes so divided, this is so refreshing.

  • Art heals. Fact. I’ve watched hundreds of people consistently reach for healing in their expressive creative work, and receiving the very healing they desired. It’s humbling to witness the strength of these artists, and it’s beautiful.

  • I learn what I teach, and I teach what I learn. As an experienced teacher who teaches not only techniques but conceptual self-growth concepts to accompany and mirror the techniques, I know that whatever I endeavor to teach, I will bring the lesson home big time for myself too.

Works L to R: Gail Alexander, Tina Walker, and Gabriele Langfeldt-Feldmann.

I designed Metamorph to be an ongoing course to take at your own pace. Metamorph is 8 months in, but you can still join us any time. When you register for the online art workshop, you immediately have access to all of the workshops ahead, plus those that have already been shared. Through August 2017 I will be available to assist with instruction, and the classroom and videos will be up online through December of 2018. That’s plenty of time to play along in our sandbox… to connect, inspire, and create with us! All levels of artists are welcome to join our creative community – see you there!

Register for Metamorph Here

Next time you hear from me, I’ll give you a sneak peek at what’s ahead for my personal pictorial memoir, The Underneath.

Need more connection? Take a look at my upcoming art retreats in Dalen, Netherlands, the sacred Ghost Ranch, and indomitable Prague.

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