On June 10, 1942, in revenge for the assassination of SS Obergrüppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich by the men of Operation Anthropoid, the sleepy village of Lidice was destroyed.

The men were rounded up and executed on the spot. Women were sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp, and the children were either gassed or sent to German homes for ‘aryanization’.

The town was blown up, and all that remains is a vast green space.

Some of the women survived and returned home to nothing. A worldwide campaign for donations ensued after the war, and the new Lidice was built just meters away from the old village.

These women moved in, and began their return to post-war life.

Below are images of the remains of Lidice, the new Lidice and its museum of an original home built for a survivor, and two sisters who survived the massacre of their village and Ravensbrück.