Inner Space


Month by month, I’ll fill up our space with a fertile blend of curated content around the theme of Inner Space designed to inspire and move you deeply, so that you have no choice but to spill out through your creativity. I’ll create a safe, warm, and freeing environment where you get to bring all that you *truly* are and watch magic unfold from your own fingertips.

You will have a voyeur’s view of my studio during my mixed media art journaling demos. You will learn techniques more through process than through step-by-steps. You will have space and support to find your unique, authentic expression, rather than make art that looks like mine. I'm an open book on how to create from your guts, find your voice, and execute it with passion.

We will find ways to deeper express what is longing to be expressed, while expanding into a stronger and more robust relationship with our instincts.  Our instincts are the very guts of us, and will never lie.  A healthy relationship with our guts promotes decisiveness, undeniable knowing, unshakable courage … and unique creative expression.

You will be given the opportunity to begin to see your artmaking surfaces with all of your marks, textures and layers as a literal mirror of your interior world.  Cultivating an inner freedom and a sweet sense of expansiveness, you can also lighten your internal pressures about perfection as you go along.


Included in this online experience:

A self-guided, monthly bundle of content from my studio: a selection of audio, video, imagery, interviews, written content, demos, special guests, and more, to be housed on a password protected site.

Art demos to include mixed media painting, alternative bookmaking, expressive drawing, stitching, abstract theory, collage, and more.

Practical instruction on bringing your attention – and intention – to your perfect expressiveness, and an existence within your own inner space.

A space in which to dive into a daily personal practice of presence: for clarity, truth, serenity, and harmony in your life and your studio.

Practical information and creative application of the powerful concept of gut-level instinct as a vehicle to our inner knowing, peace, and creative expression.

This online experience will remain open, and all videos available, through December 21, 2019.

You can join us at any time!

As you receive immediate access to all materials, all sales are final.


A few of our themes you will have immediate access to when you register:


A few sweet words from participants: 

This class….oooh this class! I have admired Erin’s real, beautiful, raw, art for quite some time. Her art is unique and so is she. Erin has the ability as a teacher… to sweep you up into a journey of your inner world. To hold a space of belief for you while you are learning to do that for yourself. Her workshop was a journey to become who you are as an artist. More than that though…it’s a journey of self-discovery. People say “you can’t love others unless you love yourself”. I say that you can’t grow as an artist if you haven’t explored yourself. Erin not only teaches from this belief but lives it so beautifully in her lessons and artwork. Yes… there are wonderful techniques and art tips and supply suggestions! But more importantly, to my mind, is her ability to teach you techniques to explore who you are as an artist, to listen to yourself, and to trust your intuition. Truly transformative. ~ Fonda C.

A workshop with Erin is absolutely life changing. It's so much more than a course about art; it's a course that rips your soul wide open in the best possible way and asks you to excavate, dissect and analyze the pieces and parts you find within yourself. It then dares you to take those parts you find and express them through instinctive, gut-level art making. Erin is generous with her sharing and insights. She manages to connect with you on a personal level through the screen. She has an incredible gift, as a teacher and as an inspirational human being. If you are interested in making mixed media art or just understanding yourself on a deeper level, you should take a workshop with her. It's a journey you won't regret! ~ Kelly M

Erin's workshop was my first exposure to art journaling and I truly know I hit the jackpot. Not only did I learn about the art form itself and new techniques to explore but I found another portal to my inner being through art journaling that I only imagined was available to me in my general art practice of painting on canvas. That took me quite by surprise and I have found journaling has informed my work in ways I am deeply pleased with. The atmosphere of our online group is supportive and nurturing and at a 'do it yourself' pace, the course has managed to be a constant during a year full of much personal change. Much I'm sure, inspired by the personal growth I've experienced as a result of my participation in Erin's course. I couldn't recommend it more highly! ~ Deb R