hello, i’m erin

I guide women into embodying their TRUE essence.

Shrugging off shame, projections, and expectations, and being FREE.

I’m kinda obsessed with humans: how we choose to relate to one another, how we create or destroy intimacy with ourselves and others, how we love, and how we .

Like an anthropologist of alchemy or a temple mama …. I am all about TRANSFORMATION.

I thrive on creating beauty out of darkness.

I see the world like a temple. We are here to worship the fuck out of one another - but first we have to worship ourselves:

in the stillness + the chaos, in love + in aloneness, in life + rebirth, in creation + expression.

I believe YOU living from your fullest desires and deepest PLEASURES will change the world.

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Work with Me

My coaching packages will lead you into a prominent, powerful, pussy-centric way of thriving and being.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women through my retreats, workshops, and online courses.

If there’s anything I know, it’s how to hold and create a safe container for you to tap into your soul and thrive.

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View My Artwork

My art is a mash-up of my extensive studies of ancestral lineage, female experience, esoteric wisdom, and the psychological, anthropological landscape of war.

Each piece is a transmission of my obsession with human alchemy - a juxtaposition of the vibrant illumination that can occur where the moonlight meets the sun.

My Books

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