The In Between

Erin Faith Allen takes us on a journey through some of World War II’s most grim and blood-soaked sites while sifting through her own personal losses. Led by her relentless pursuit of truth and burning curiosity, she invites us to travel alongside her to witness these lasting remnants of humanity’s collective cruelty.

Erin has a unique way of staring history in the face with a combination of deep empathy, stark truth, and artistic sensibility. This evocative compilation provides us with an intimate glimpse into human behavior as Erin witnesses history and offers remembrance while excavating her own personal demons. 

The In Between was created on one journey over nineteen days as Erin explored sites in Germany, Austria, Poland, Latvia, and the Czech Republic. Its stories are made even more powerful with a unique combination of photographs, art, and journal writing in the style of Erin's wildly popular first book, The Underneath: A Visual Memoir.



The In Between documents my 19 day journey through 5 countries.

My itinerary was packed with some of World War Two's most notorious locations, such as: the former Gestapo headquarters in Berlin; Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen, Gunskirchen, Treblinka, Terezín, Kaiserwald, and Salaspils concentration camps; Warsaw; a Latvian battlefield; Rumbula massacre site, and Lidice massacre site. I met with survivors of the war's atrocities, and spoke with descendants of veterans, liberators, and perpetrators from both sides.

All will all show up in this 408 full color page compilation of artwork, journal writings, photographs, and facts about the places I ventured into, the people I met along the way, and the soulful excavation that always takes place. I brought with me my camera, my passion for history, and four years of extensive research into the humans of WW2 who fell on all sides of this epic world wide war.

The exclusive limited edition hardcover will arrive on your doorstep signed by me. Both the limited edition hardcover and the wider release softcover versions are intimate glimpses into tragic history, and will provide you with the feeling that you were there, too.

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