Erin Faith Allen

Travel, Unearthing, War and Trauma

Just Like That

And just like that, I’m in Germany. By ‘just like that’ I mean two movies (1. A Ghost Story: flipped between hating it and being totally bored through most of it, but stuck with it and ended up kinda loving it and 2. Anna Karenina which was so-so but made me cry a little over the maelstrom that  ...

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Ancestors, War and Trauma

These Men.

Look at these men. Aren't they beautiful? They are my grandfathers.  • Staff Sergeant William Shelton on the left, 7th Infantry Division, US Army. Sharpshooter and hand-to-hand combat with the Japanese in the Aleutians and Pacific Islands. In his real life, he was a sensitive eccentric who read  ...

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