Erin Faith Allen

Ancestors, War and Trauma

These Men.

Look at these men. Aren't they beautiful? They are my grandfathers.  • Staff Sergeant William Shelton on the left, 7th Infantry Division, US Army. Sharpshooter and hand-to-hand combat with the Japanese in the Aleutians and Pacific Islands. In his real life, he was a sensitive eccentric who read Edgar Cayce and seems to have been a thinker of New Age thought before it was a thing. In his later years he was diagnosed with mental health issues, but most likely it was severe PTSD. He was an  ...

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Life Musings, Travel, War and Trauma

This Hand

This hand. It moves me. I return to it again and again. This fragile inky residue of life guides me into thoughts about what is, what was, what vanishes and what remains. What kind of imprint are you leaving in the world around you? What will you take with you when you go? What will you leave  ...

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