Erin Faith Allen

About Erin

Moving through the world with a rare form of synesthesia, I experience life on a supernatural level.  Making art helps me process my existence with it’s richly cascading and intertwining sounds, textures, and colors.

My muse is intrinsic in my frequent travel to Western Europe and the battlefields, cities rebuilt, and places that wear the tragic histories of the Second World War.

Additionally, I am inspired by my ancestors and my quest to undertake their stories.

I incorporate mythology, symbolism, abstract markings, found image, and figures with multiple layers of mixed media technique and materials to express my perception of the world … sometimes light and delicate, sometimes overwhelming and intense.

Since art school in NYC in the late 1990's, I have experimented with alternative processes such as staining and distressing photographs and substrates with items found around the home and my local hardware store, scratching and burning, and image transfers with multiple media.  After completing a few semesters in a fashion design program, I fell deeply in love with the art of stitching and sewing as part of my expressive process.

My art carries themes of war, the spectrum of human nature, ancestral lineage, mothering, collective female experience, traumatic memory, and the choice each day presents:  do we exist solely within our personal tragedies or do we weave life from a place of empowered wisdom?

In my artwork lies the dance between these choices. The spectrum of living includes both.

We must know our depths to know our heights: we must howl in wild stark exposure at the moon in order to know true bliss in the glow of sun.

I teach mixed media art workshops and organize artist retreats in international locations.

My book, The Underneath:  A Visual Memoir was released in 2016.

photo credit: Danielle Cohen

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