surrender to the mystery

The most beautiful treasures glimmer in the bowels of mystery.

And so we pace, swoop, circle, and avoid. We are afraid of what we don’t know. Afraid of the undefinable. Afraid of that which lacks the very structures we long to shed.


The mystery is where all the goodness lives. It’s where possibility bursts into life, like the Big Bang, or a dazzling array of internal fireworks.

Mystery is the unknown, yes. But … how happy are we with the known? Really?

Yes, there is discomfort in facing our fears.

Yes, there is even pain.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 12.55.06 PM.png

But just as with the most dramatic eruption of a volcano, new life is created from the ruptures.

And … not all mystery is a rupture.

Sometimes mystery is a golden lake filled with placidity. Messages. Hope.

There is nothing certain about mystery, except that it is mysterious.

And … once you begin seeking it … and most definitely when you surrender to it … it seeks you and creates its magic through you.

a chat with erin and tim

In this video chat, I introduce you to one of my best friends, Tim Guion. Tim is the friend I told you about last week in my demo / storytelling video, who lived in Prague and who I visited during my first visit. Our friendship has now spanned a decade, and we chat about all things old and new in this almost-hour together. Most of all, we discuss surrendering to mystery … something we both recognize as vital in our creative practice.

Before the video, I’ve placed a piece of Tim’s music, which he wrote while I was sitting in his flat in Old Prague - we chat about it a little in our video.

This song? Just makes me weep. It holds allllllllll the mystery of my experiences in Prague, suspended in each note. If you’d like to hear more visit, or search for him on iTunes.

Photos: a few of my blurry photos from Prague, from February 2009. Tim and I happy as larks on the Charles Bridge in Prague, February 2009.

What You can do

Where are you in your relationship to this project?

Are you willing to surrender even more to the mysterious workings of the deep?


Why not?

Begin to fill your pages.

Let the mystery move you.

That’s right.

Let. It. Move. You.

You don’t have to do a thing except arrive at your journal pages, or your papers, or your canvas.

Pick something up and tear it.

Glue it.

Scribble on it.

Let the mystery have it’s way.

And let it happen over, and over, and over again.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 12.54.38 PM.png

Demo video

In the video below I demo my process in my project, as well as tell you a little about a particular chunk of Czech history that weaves itself through my work.

muse ::: Anne bachelier

Many years ago I was walking through Union Square in San Francisco. I found a poster advertising a show in an art gallery, and the art featured literally took my breath away. I made my way into the gallery, and felt utterly transformed and transfixed by the many paintings that adorned the walls.

I think you’ll know just what I mean when you watch the below video.

Several years later I sent an email to the artist, and asked if I could make a short film about her. To this day, I do not know what possessed me to do such a thing.

I was astonished when she said yes.

A month or so later I was heading to her home in the French Alps, where I was a guest for three beautiful days. It was one of the most rich experiences of my life. I remember every moment: all experiences of heart-throbbing beauty, evenings with a full tummy and a glass of wine after a day of filming in her studio, watching Venus sit plump and bright next to a rising moon in a lavender French sky over the jutting tips of the alps. Divine.

And just think …. all because of that daring leap into the unknown: ‘can I make a film about you?’

For me, Anne Bachelier as an artist is the epitome of surrendering to the mystery. A chalice. A weaver of magical symbols through brushstrokes, with an unassuming humbleness, and a willingness to be a vessel without need for anything other than the process itself.