falling deeper

This week will be soft.

A deepening.

A further surrender.

What are you seeking?

Let it come.

What are you reaching for?

Let it hold you.

What are you avoiding?

Let it whisper profound truths to you.

What are you rejecting?

Let it love you.

Listen to the below audio to sit inside the theme this week.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 9.51.21 AM.png

my project

This last week has been rich, intense, and extremely productive, emotionally speaking. I’ve shifted my entire world by altering my approach to my story. In the below video I share how I did that.

And, I know this coming week will reveal more pieces of the dangle as I drop into the full-blown mystery of our work.

What you can do

This week, pay attention to what feels soft, receptive, fluid, and ripe.

Write letters to your self, your body, your ancestors, the people or places in your story.

These letters want to be soft, receptive, fluid, and ripe. Not linear. Not complete sentences. Not perfect.

They are words. Sounds. Shapes. Symbols.

They are spills. Leaks. Swooshes. Whispers. Syllables that are real and unreal.

They aren’t from this world.

They are from other worlds.

Places we long for, reach for, desire.

Places that long for, reach for, and desire us.

And … after the letters engorge you and you engorge them …

Do the same with your images.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 9.52.58 AM.png

Demo video

I’m just completely lost in another world in this video.

I attempt to explain myself in the voiceover.

But ya know what?

Some experiences cannot be explained.

And that is where we soften, dangle, and let the mystery move and sway through our worlds.

muse ::: sigur ros

This Icelandic group has altered my interior landscape.

Sometimes the lyrics are in Icelandic, and sometimes they are a made-up language they call Hopelandic.


A made-up language.

When I learned this, I felt something free up in me: I don’t need to make everything make sense.

Because if I can be dropped to the holy places inside me by listening to a language that isn’t even ‘real’ … then maybe what is required to *live fully and occupy the holy places inside me* isn’t actually real either.

Let that sink in.

Dangle in it this week.

And for those of you seeking a way to drop out of your head while creating, give this band a good ol’ download and crank them up.

You’ll be transported.

You’ll find the dangle.