True Confessions and Reclamation

When we hide what is true we deny our true self.

What we hide begins to control us, devour us, destroy us.

What is hidden has power that eats away at all of our possibilities and our actual life force.

We shrivel. We die inside.

And …

What is revealed has EVEN MORE POWER …

The FREEDOM kind of power.

We know who we are. We live who we are. We protect who we are. We are unwavering. We are LIVING.

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Erin and Wrynn ::: A conversation

You might remember Wrynn from a few weeks ago. She’s baaaaaaaaack.

We talk about how we stay inside of ourselves, mostly.

Press play and hang out with us!!

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my project

I am finding myself on edges around what I hide. What parts of myself I have hidden in order to ‘survive’. Of course, I am truly discovering in the hardest and most benevolently supported places that there is ZERO survival in hiding at this point in my life.

In fact, what is needed in order to thrive is to just open the doors and share the things that are holding me down, strapped in, and shackled into places in myself I no longer wish to reside.

Why don’t I want to reside in those places?

Because they are what is dead. Not me.

I want to live.

So I must speak them, feel the power in my voice, feel the life pouring back into my body, and thrive.

What you can do …

What are your truths?

Do you let them breathe?

Or do you suffocate them?

Spend time in thought with these questions.

Then, reflect on a time when you did not allow your truth to lead the way. Spend time with this memory. Travel deeply into your own body and memory. Ask it questions. Write a letter to your self who had this experience.

Then … find the truth.

Bring forward the truth, and let it lead the way.

Like a do-over.

Give yourself the gift of an internal do-over.

What narrative do YOU need to shift?

What narrative - yours or imaginary or archetypal or in your lineage - does not serve you?

Feel into the narrative. Allow all your senses to lead the way … fall deeeeeeeeeep within your imagination.

And create the scene you desire.

See it.

Feel it.

Hold it in your body.

All of this perfect, powerful, truthful scene.

Let it lead you.

Truth always leads.

Then hold the feeling of this truth in your body.

And believe that you just gave yourself a great gift.

Your truth.

And how it feels in your body.

And how you can live this truth in every moment of your life.

And how you have reclaimed another piece of your true essence.

And …

If you desire, bring this experience of your truth, whether specific or abstract, into your journal or your substrate.

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Demo videos

There are two videos this week. The first is my work in my Prague project art journal. I flip back and forth in the pages while holding an incredible tension in my body. Frustration. Wanting to burst out of myself and get lost and create. Tired of all the constraints and thoughts and and and and ….

And then suddenly … I did. And that is what occurs at the end of the first video, and spills into the second.

I tried so hard to come up with a clever voiceover for these videos you guys.

Everything I recorded felt canned and fake. So these? Literally just the imagery of frustration and creation.

muse ::: anais nin

Oh this woman.

For over two decades she has been my most profound muse. Inside her diaries, I found a perpetual mirror of my own self. Through her work she has propelled me ever inward, into my own impulse to excavate, write, and share truth.

In her diaries she goes as deep as deep can go. Tunneling into her self and those around her, a heroine of free-speaking, dignified exposure, and guiding the way for anyone who chooses to read her words.

If I am lost, and read her work, I fall back into myself in about three hot seconds.

Anais is all about reclamation, knowing the deepest self, and unabashedly exploring the soul.

Have you read her diaries?

You must.

They. Are. Amazing.

Below she reads an excerpt of her own work in 6 minutes, in which she references dialogues with fellow authors Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell.

Below that, an hour long documentary. It is very long and very old … and yet bears nuggets of inspiration if you have the time to glean.