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Hello my lovely friends …

I am deeply honored that you would like to continue our beautiful journey together, in a new level, after it officially closes on December 2.

Our current session’s final content will land November 25, and I will stay with the group until the 2nd of December. After that, it becomes a self-study process. This FB group will stay open, of course. Course material will be available for many moons. (Can’t remember the exact date but it’s a long time).

What’s next?

Let’s keep going! I’m ready to go down a level (wink wink) and move into another 12 weeks of exactly what we are doing … tunneling EVEN DEEPER into all the layers.

We will open our new session promptly following the closure of this first session on December 2.

December will be a ‘FREE’ month.

There won’t be any course content to keep up with, but we WILL have a soft place to flow into for the holidays, keeping our group intact, and keeping the sweetness of our connection vital through a month when so many of us need a little oomph. You know what I mean, right?

I will begin delivering course content on January 6, and we will run through March.

So. We will be together through the holidays - without the concern of managing the content.

PHEW! That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!

SO, in summary: Don’t worry about staying ‘caught up’ on content. We will focus instead on staying together as we move through December, and be a soft place to land for one another.

The details:

  • A separate classroom will hold Weeks 1-12 in addition to 13-24.  Nothing will change, except the location of the happenings.

  • A separate FB group: anyone from this group who chooses to continue will be moved over to the new group. Of course, you will still be a member of our current group.

  • We will continue to deepen into our chosen projects through deepening into tunnels such as: embodying body consciousness, exploring the multi-dimensionality / collective unconscious, holding and loving (like, totally loving) our shadow.

  • We will still have FB Lives. In addition, I will look into hosting webinars where we can all gather and speak live, on screen. Like a proper conference, once per month. No promises, but I’ll see what I can do. (If someone is a guru of this kind of thing, I’d welcome your care.)

  • Everything else will be exactly the same. 

  • This content will also be available for many moons … so you will have time to digest and revisit it. 

The investment for the continuation of DEEPER is $155 per month. This will be set up through a PayPal recurring payment system. The 3 monthly payments will begin when you make your payment.

If you would like a different payment option than PayPal, please get in touch with me :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You all are touching my life in such tender, and REAL ways. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with you.

Erin Faith Allen

DEEPER one-on-one mentoring

In addition, I will be providing one-on-one video (recorded) mentoring sessions at my regular fee, which is $250 per session.  

My mentoring sessions are gooooooooood. :) We join hands and dive-in together, dissecting your specific questions and obstacles.

Until December 2, I will continue to offer my one-time mega-deal of 3 sessions for $250 to all DEEPER members.

That’s how much I love you!!!

To snatch that up, click the link below, and we’ll discuss appointment times to follow.

I cannot wait to DEEEEEEEEEPEN with you beauties <3 

PS … little tech-tantrum side note. I had to list the monthly payments and the sessions below on two different commerce sites, so if you are choosing both you will have to check out twice. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support of my work :)

erin faith allen