DEEPER ::: A Retreat in Glastonbury, England

May 23 (2 pm) - May 26 (2 pm), 2019.

In all of my years of working with women in creative circles, one truth has revealed above all others.

Women crave deeper living.

My workshops and retreats provide exactly that: a safe place to congregate, drop in, marinate, and express your whole self.

It’s been a while since we’ve gathered in Glastonbury together and shared our stories in laughter and tears, walked through the crumbled ruins of the Abbey, climbed up the Tor at sunset, and sat in reverent stillness at the Chalice Well Gardens.

It’s time to return to this cozy-yet-mindblowing English village and rolling green landscape that has been the destination of pilgrims for centuries. The village and its surrounding land are laden with potent myth, lore, and history.

Click images above for a slideshow of previous retreats in Glastonbury.

Join me and an intimate group of like-minded women for 3 life-changing days and nights of DEEPER, a retreat based on Erin’s popular online workshop of the same name. You can read all about the conceptual foundation of our time together HERE.

In the DEEPER Glastonbury retreat, we will be moving fluidly in and out of the art studio and the sites for a just-right slice of artmaking, plus a whole lotta souldiving as we draw down the magic of this ancient place into our creative expression … and the space we hold for one another’s internal and external meanderings.

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I’ve been creating retreats for years because:

The world around us constantly pulls us out of ourselves, when what we need is to exist from an anchored stillpoint WITHIN.

It is only INSIDE where the wisdom, power, and clarity we need to navigate the world authentically can be found.

We’ve built walls to survive ... yet we need connection to THRIVE. 

We are driven by a need to do it all, accomplish, reach, and push ourselves ... yet we require a SOFT place to fall.

Gathering with the intention to tunnel down into our truths while providing a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE space for others is a cauldron of possibility.

Exploring, excavating, creating, sharing, uniting, and uplifting are true pathways into discovering how truly CONNECTED we are - in spite of the surface layers we perceive.

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Package options:

Because of my preference for small, safe, intimate circles, there are only 10 spaces available for DEEPER Glastonbury.

My retreats in this amazing location always sell out, and are filled with the most beautiful and warm group of women who dazzle, hold space, and co-create a beautiful container for us to marinate in.

Please carefully read the options below before making your selection.

Twin ensuite room


There are two beds in this room, complete with it’s own ensuite bathroom.

Single room in garden with own toilet, shared bath in house


This room is small, private, and clean. It has it’s own toilet. Located in the garden, it requires a short walk outside to reach the private bathroom / shower facilities just tucked inside the house.

Single room in garden, shared bath in house


This room is small, private, and clean. Located in the garden, it requires a short walk outside to reach the private bathroom / shower facilities just tucked inside the house.

Twin room with private toilet, shared bath in house


There is one room available, with two beds. This room has a private toilet, and shares the shower facility with a total of six people.

Twin room with shared bath


There are two twin rooms available, for a total of four people. These rooms are clean, bright, and share a bathroom / shower with six people total. In our past gatherings, this has worked nicely in a cooperative community spirit for all involved.

Please note: You may cancel your booking until February 1, 2019 and receive a refund less the admin fee of $375. After February 1, 2019 there will be no exceptions for any reason. In the event of unforeseen catastrophic events such as acts of nature, we reserve the right to hold your fees and reschedule the event).

If you would find a payment plan helpful, please submit your deposit below, then promptly send send an email to erin at telling us which rooming option you are securing with your deposit.

For payment plans: You may cancel your booking until February 1, 2019 and receive a refund less the admin fee of $375. You will be responsible for submitting full payment by February 1, 2019 or forfeit your room and attendance. Your deposit is considered your agreement to pay in full, and is not refundable under any circumstances. Should you cancel your booking after February 1, 2019 all payments are non-refundable.

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Included: 3 days and 3 nights in a secluded home, with warm and inviting common areas, a garden, and on-site art studio in the heart of Glastonbury. 3 days in a workshop with Erin and the radiant women who always gather. Time spent together in the legendary sites of Glastonbury, and plenty of time to wander freely and soak up the sites. 24 hour access to the art studio and common areas. And last but not least, our evening circles at our Glastonbury gatherings are truly not to be missed!

We will provide a light breakfast selection and snacks during workshop times. Meals otherwise not included. In our past retreats we have stepped out as a group to one of Glastonbury’s health-conscious cafes and restaurants. If you prefer a light meal, the kitchen is open and available for your use, as we will be the sole occupants of the house.

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Erin’s DEEPER workshop is an unfolding experience. You start off excited about the teacher and all that she does and is: her art, her research, her travels; her passion, her energy, her sincerity. Then, gradually (or not so gradually actually), the lens is turned. You (suddenly) realise this course is in fact about you; your story, your curiosity, your creativity.

Erin is as generous with her students as she is with her own work - she offers a complete treasure chest of practical tools as well as being the cheerleader with pompom-shakes and reassuring smiles and laughter. She is present to inspire and encourage each individual to use their own art, their own passion and energy. The Deeper Course is also special in that Erin has created a framework and a community to feel safe enough to share the most personal of vulnerabilities as well as the joy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Erin, for your generous spirit and mind! - Grete Semb Kempton

I love each of Erin‘s classes, but Deeper seems to be a very special treasure, especially if you are willing to dig really deep but are deeply afraid to do so. Erin is an empathic and gentle guide and it‘s palpable that she has been there and has grown from her experiences in the deep, which is really encouraging. - Linda Christina

I am in love with DEEPER and Erin’s approach to her art making and her life. I knew from the first moment I found Erin on social media that I had to take her class. I have taken many online art classes but none as profound or as supported as this one.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the rest of our journey together with this community of deep soul divers! Thank you so much Erin, you are a true blessing to the world - Iris Ztarr

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