Join me, world-renowned artist, author, and teacher Erin Faith Allen, in this 12 week online journey into artmaking.

You have a whole world inside you.

It's a unique, rich inner landscape that only you can access, adventure into, and express. 

It's all yours. And sometimes, when the world outside of you feels tired, overwhelming, and draining .... you feel it calling.

Maybe it's a story you are longing to tell. Maybe it's a desire to carve space for just you, to sit and create in the moment, documenting your feelings and your place in the world. Maybe it's the memories of a place, or a chapter of history. Maybe it's the story of your grandmother or grandfather's life. Maybe it's a story of the collective, or a cause. Maybe it's an allegory, or your own mythology. Maybe your inner landscape is calling to you in a whisper, or maybe it’s a roar. Regardless of who or what the story is, chances are you’ve got one rolling around inside you, longing to be expressed.

It doesn't matter what it is.

It only matters that you let it move through you as you breathe life into it. In exploring our down-deep world, we recover pieces of ourselves. In telling our story, we give others the opportunity to find themselves.

Knowing ourselves, and sharing ourselves, is how we find connection. Connection is how we stay passionate, thriving, and well ... connected ... to what is true, grounding, and real


It takes guts.

In order to express yourself with purpose, from that raw and unbridled place within, you need to roll around in your own guts for a little while, and learn how to harvest your truth from places deeeeeeeep within.

Maybe you are afraid to dive in, afraid of what people will think, afraid you aren't good enough. Maybe you don’t know how. Maybe it feels too big. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. Maybe you don’t know if you want to be out there with your expression, or quietly preserve your story for posterity. Maybe you just want to explore the world inside of you for processing and purging purposes, and your goal is simply to release and heal.


I am a full-time artist, and the author / creator of two published books: 

The In Between and The Underneath: A Visual Memoir

My books are raw, unique, evocative and soul-stirring, brave and bare-all juxtapositions of journal-style writing with massive bodies of mixed media art and documentary photography. 

You won't see, or read, anything else like my books, and they definitely don’t fit into a niche. 

My books are real, tangible, fat little testimonies to the power of mining your personal world for connection, expression, and healing. Throughout my own process of listening to that gnawing knowing that I needed to express and live deeper, into the subsequent sharing of my story and the stories of our collective history, I repeatedly observed one truth:

It is through witnessing the fullness we all carry (and often hide) that we learn the value and power of human connection. We experience people and places as portals of learning, growing, and healing through the similarities we share.



I'm obsessed with the beautiful, transformational fire that blows through us when we awaken to our individuality.

I'm passionate about sharing deep and enlivened space with the people who cross my path.

For six years I have travelled internationally teaching sold-out workshops and guiding hundreds of artmakers into their story, their ancestor's stories, and waking up to their powerful place in the collective story.

Diving into yourself is powerful. Sharing the stories that live inside you? Life-changing.

When I set out on my storytelling journeys, I faced an overwhelming amount of obstacles, fears, and hesitations ... but I did it anyway. I didn't know how. I didn't follow an outline, or a model, or a coach. I didn't know if anyone would read my books. I didn't know if I would be able to do it. I just dove in. One step at a time: through fear, overwhelm, and procrastination. I published both of my books by showing up, every day, in every way, for the process. Along the way I learned a what it takes to share your story, deeply.

I am going to share everything I know with YOU.


Want to check out my leadership style and group dynamic?

Click to watch a spontaneous Facebook Live from my studio for a DEEPER online group.

DEEPER is for you if:

You want to expand, or begin, your mixed media art practice.

You've got a longing to express get deeper in your life and your art.

You are seeking kindred spirits, community, confidence, and commitment.

You are craving development and explosion in your art making practice.

You desire artmaking with emotional guidance and framework. 

You thrive on structured prompts, practical information, and sumptuous inspiration.

You want to feel - and heal - through the power that already lives inside you. 

You want to devour your own fear, hesitation, or avoidance.

You are tired of feeling lost and want to develop your own authentic voice.


DEEPER is not for you if:

You don’t want to connect deeply with yourself, or with others.

You aren't interested in emotional mining or diving in with your guts.

You don't want to witness and hold raw and true story.

You want a quick fix.

You are not willing to invest in developing your own authentic voice.

(In this space we are all about creative and emotional development, y’all).


DEEPER gives you a place to dive ::: for 12 weeks beginning January 6, 2019. 

Creating a body of work isn’t about perfection. It’s about awakening, trusting, and committing to your genius. 

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to wait for the Big Plan, the Big A-ha Moment, or the answers to that big, bad, one-word question that can suffocate your desire to create: How?

You just need to show up. 

When you sign up for DEEPER you will receive:

Access to and instruction on my from-the-guts, expressive, raw, and spontaneous mixed media art tricks and techniques.

A Facebook community for sharing and witnessing stories with kindred spirits.

One-on-one time with me during the course duration of twelve weeks, inside the Facebook community.

Weekly FB Live sessions in which we will cover even deeper content together, and you can ask me anything you want to know.

Twelve weeks of course deliverables in the form of video, audio, and text around enriching your mixed media art practice with story.

Twelve weeks of downloadable artmaking demonstration videos that you can keep forever.

Weekly techniques, resources, prompts, and inspiration around deepening your expression.

My toolbox of resources that simultaneously help me access the depths and propel me to new heights creatively.

You'll walk beside me as I pull together a personal project and demonstrate the creative, emotional, and practical layers of my process.

Insights on overcoming obstacles, procrastination, and fear - we'll spend a lot of time on these formidable topics right here.

DEEPER closes on March 24, 2019. All videos will be downloadable, and yours to keep forever. The online classroom and Facebook group will remain open through December 2019 so that you can access the resources provided, and stay in touch with the Deeper community.


What will you need besides your chutzpah and time?

I like to encourage small amounts of supplies and improvising with what you have, know and love. After years of trying every art material under the sun I have narrowed it down to a few faves. I'll send an updated materials list closer to our start date, but here are my tried and trues: an art journal (without spiral binding), a small selection of acrylic paints, a water-soluble pencil, a sizable collection of paper ephemera including photographs, gesso, and some kind of adhesive.


Your investment in DEEPER?






All sales are final. In making this purchase you agree to honor your own integrity and Erin's work and will not share the course login or downloaded videos.

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Erin is a master storyteller who weaves magic with her raw words and art. She is a brilliant alchemist who is able to see the astounding beauty and deep darkness in all things, and she melds them together into new vision. Erin is a gifted teacher who leads you into your own self-discoveries through her wealth of talent and examples. 

When you take part in one of her workshops you are immersed in a new way of doing, and a new way of being. Boundaries are pushed, layers are peeled back. Thoughts, ideas and emotions are exposed; and your own wild, inspirational creative freedom is the payoff. 

Every creative soul striving to go deeper should give themselves this gift ... you won’t be sorry. 

Wrynn Welty, artist and teacher


Deeper is my first class with Erin and after just a few short weeks, I know it will not be my last. Erin has a beautiful, nurturing way of getting to the heart of our souls.

Her approach is gentle, yet the results are so very powerful. I cannot wait to see what unfolds during the remaining time in this class.

Patricia Dattoma


Erin is a rare combination of fearless artist and compassionate story teller. She creates the container for the student to step into spaces where one may not tend to venture on their own. Her passion is contagious and the openhearted atmosphere supports the hidden to reveal itself.

I was inspired how she guided the weekend to unfold, allowing a natural integration of feelings to express through our creations. To work with others in this way is an art in itself. This is truly transformative, don’t hesitate to jump in.

Krista Jarrard, Movements of the Soul Astrology


I did Erin’s Metamorph class, and have both of her books.  Now I am taking DEEPER. What I love about Erin is the direct conversation she has between her art and her feelings. 

Working with Erin is just an endless inspiration. She breaks down hesitation, fear and judgement. She liberates creative energy. She shares her freedom.

I am myself an art teacher, so I am very sensitive to the way someone teaches art. 

Erin is my first choice. I recommend her totally. 

Mirjana Petricevic 


Much of life is messy, not clearly defined and leaves many of us scrambling for the “reboot” key or an instruction manual. So much of our humanity is bound up in our stories – those fairy tales we’ve longed to become realities, those stories we’ve made up and believe are our truths, and those stories that have been handed down through generations or assigned to us by others.

Erin is a gifted author, artist, teacher, and excavator of stories. She has helped many women unravel the stories of their histories to get at the truths these tales tell.

Raw, vulnerable and intuitive, Erin leads her classes by example and guides attendees gently down rabbit holes to collect the fragments of their personal histories. Once found and illumined by a fresh perspective, these old narratives can be rewritten from a place of strength, compassion and love.

Jana Freeman, artist and workshop facilitator at Way Art Yonder Studio


I am in love with Erin’s class Deeper and her approach to her art making and her life.

I knew from the first moment I found Erin on social media that I had to take her class. I have taken many online art classes but none as profound or as supported as this one.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the rest of our journey together with this community of deep soul divers! Thank you so much Erin, you are a true blessing to the world

Iris Ztarr


I love each of Erin‘s classes, but Deeper seems to be a very special treasure, especially if you are willing to dig really deep but are deeply afraid to do so.

Erin is an empathic and gentle guide and it‘s palpable that she has been there and has grown from her experiences in the deep, which is really encouraging.

Linda Christina


Erin's teaching is such a unique learning experience.  A mix of ideas with space to relate back to your own experience, techniques explained simply and her talking you through her process as she works.  It is truly a peek into all aspects of creativity.  I'm so grateful she shares her work so openly. 

I have changed as an artist because of her classes and books.  And I'm still changing and evolving because of her influence.  Her sharing her work, her methods, her writing... it is lighting the way for other artists at an earlier stage in their creative becoming.

Coral Lee, artist and writer


We all have stories to tell. Some memories may be remembered but others can be totally imagined. Erin was able to guide us toward a deeper understanding of those who came before us with her unique talent to blend art and journaling.

Through collage and paint, we were able to explore the stories that matter most to us. What seemed trivial became visually highlighted and revealed a new meaning to the stories we told about ourselves.

Sharon Hendry, artist


I am an Erin Faith Allen course devourer! I have taken the past two years to study under Erin to focus less on the business side of my art while I reorient with the deeper reasons of why I do what I do.

It has been the most rewarding investment and I am better off for having had this time to reconnect with ME.

I have changed in profound ways and I hope Erin continues to offer such study, because the inspiration she has provided and the class community of peers has become a most valuable resource in my own creative development.

I couldn't be more grateful. It is the stuff of the soul.

Deborah Rhee


Erin's classes are like no others I've taken. Her passion for self-expression and personal truth create a safe space to be vulnerable and grow creatively.

I always learn a new method or technique, but what lingers is the inspiration and permission to show up fully in my art.

Kelly Harcus, artist