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Join us in Dalen, Netherlands on March 28 and 29, 2017 for 2 days of ‘Inner Space’, where we will be gathering with the intention of quieting down and withdrawing your focus from the hectic outer spaces of our world, and bringing your focus to experiencing expansive inner peace through your artmaking

Register Below. Once filled out you will be contacted about Room Choice and Payment. Thank you! Please scroll below for more Information.


I will share mixed media techniques, and guide you throughout your process. I do not guide workshops on technique alone, nor do I teach you to make art that looks like mine.  This workshop will be conceptually based, and you will have my full attention and plenty of one on one time.  I guide workshops with an open heart and high intention to hold a space for you to find your unique, authentic expression.

My workshops always sell out, are filled with spectacular men and women, and are a safe, warm, and freeing environment where you get to bring all that you are and watch magic unfold from your own fingertips.