The Magic of Connection at Ghost Ranch

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Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Call of the Wild Soul - Erin Faith Allen

As our time at the Ghost Ranch draws nearer, I hope you are getting as excited as I am! This place really is magical, and I don’t know if that otherworldly sense of wonder should be attributed to its Navajo heritage, to its colonial Spanish and wild west history, or just to the natural awesomeness of the land itself. It’s probably a little bit of everything that Georgia O’Keeffe found so intriguing and irresistible.

This place was her summer refuge and its time-hewn colors and landscapes found their way into her works. Of Pedernal, the flat-topped mountain dominating the views to the south, she once said: “It’s my private mountain. God told me if I painted it often enough I could have it.” On her seven acres at Ghost Ranch, O’Keeffe found inspiration and solitude, hiking and exploring, drawing and painting.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Call of the Wild Soul - Erin Faith Allen

Georgia’s beloved Cerro Pedernal in the distance.

O’Keeffe’s quest for quiet is something I think we can all relate to… the urge for time to oneself and to one’s own desires and devices. But it is just as important, in my opinion, to connect.

The connection that awaits us at Ghost Ranch during our 2017 Call Of The Wild Soul Art Retreat is going to manifest itself in so many ways.

Connection to Pedernal, to Kitchen Mesa, to the red and yellow and gray streaking across the cliffs and hills that are so ancient, so sacred.

Connection to the trailblazers like O’Keeffe who have walked and created in this place.

And connection to the souls you find around you – perhaps to those you carry with you, and certainly to those you will meet here during the retreat.

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Erin Faith Allen - Connect, Inspire, Create

From May 17 through May 21, eight inspiring souls will gather here to share their work, their stories, their time and talent through a series of unique workshops. Together with Melody Ross, Pixie Lighthorse, Misty Mawn, Willemien de Villiers, Orly Avineri, Elizabeth Bunsen, Cvita Mamic, and Flora Bowley, we will make art and make magic. We will connect, inspire, and create, holding true to our intention of uplifting and sharing for each other and for ourselves. While we celebrate the land and the sky we will also celebrate each other and the journey we are on together as humans.

I cannot wait to meet you there, too, and to see what kind of magic you make. Please click on the banner below to start your journey!

Ghost Ranch Art Retreat - Call of the Wild Soul - Erin Faith Allen

There are a limited number of spaces remaining at our 2017 Call of the Wild Soul Ghost Ranch Art Retreat – register soon to make one of them yours.

You’ll hear from me again soon about my book, The Underneath… plus a few more plates I’ve been spinning in the background.

If you don’t already, follow the Call of the Wild Soul page on Facebook, and my works and musings on Instagram. And did you notice my website has a little bit of a fresh look? Click around and check it out!

Dreaming of brush strokes and desert sage,


 Photography above by Ashley Fincham.

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