Humans have always sought meaning, and their placement in the Universe.


This is how mythology has been born.

The thing about mythology …

It is all just stories.

And these stories RULE our lives. I’m sure you’ve noticed as you’ve dropped into the stories over the last several weeks. 

And these are just a few. Even today, modern mythology is being spun. And we drink it up. And we form our lives around the stories.

Mythology can be: gossip, the news, religion’s dictates, even family lore can be mythological.

And when we give our energy *in any form* blindly to characters in past, present, or future stories?

We have none of the power we claim we seek.

We are simply pulling the proverbial carpet out from under our feet

We are giving ALL the power to all the aspects of ourselves that we push away … push underground … project onto deities, friends, adversaries, politics, religion, relationships.

Life is nothing if not a holographic mirror upon which we try to cling to a reality that simply does not exist. 

When we let these stories do the work, when we let them inform us, when we let them break our minds and hearts open, plant their golden seeds in our hearts, and *truly* transform our perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in?

It is in these broken and transformational places that we arrive in our own lives.

It is only then that we truly begin to understand the power that will set us free.

It is only when we rub ourselves wide open with all the places we are afraid of …

That we learn that the missing ingredient for the peace that passes all understanding … is the crucible of the taboo.

The places we hide … is where our freedom lives.

That’s my promise to you.