Wolfsschanze ... Wolf's Lair

One of the stops on my journey through four European countries was Wolfsschanze, or Wolf's Lair, which was Hitler's bunker complex in northern Poland.

There are many bunkers still standing - if you can call it that. All are in various states of ruin, and just a couple buildings remain that you can actually walk through.

What a strange and hair-raising experience to walk through this overgrown cement-hell, where the fates of all of us were toyed with.

Decisions made here have trickled down to so many of us, by way of the various experiences our ancestors had, and the choices they were faced with, in this devastating time.

Whether you know it or not, chances are you carry some residue of decisions made in these once looming and solid, now scarred and toppled, piles at the center of our collective history.

Some folks are still living who were alive when this war raised its ugly head, and with any luck, we can sit quietly at their feet and ask questions.

Most certainly, there are books and documentaries that tell the myriad of tales from all fronts - and most importantly, all sides.

We can truly listen when they tell us what they carry in their memories, bodies, psyches, and souls because of what they witnessed or participated in.

What we learn from their stories we can take further into the present moment, to navigate a crossroads where critical thinking, moral examination, and quiet personal reflection intersect.

In this way we play our own small part in determining our future, and our descendant's futures too.