Primordial pussy


A few weeks ago I felt it was time to shift gears.

And so because I am me 

I created an 8 foot tall pussy.

In order to understand why I am using this word, you might want to read: PUSSY: A Reclamation, by Regena Thomashauer.

Pretty sure I’m now addicted to the conscious creation of larger than life pussies, because my world freaking shi.f.ted like a mofo, like overnight.

I’m offering this gorgeous (mixed media on unstretched canvas) pussy for $3344. 

***(though let us acknowledge please, that pussies are actually priceless af)***

Her presence is primal, primordial, and powerful.

She’s imbued with symbolism and spells for invoking and awakening pleasure and the potency of truth.

She’s pure and she’s bold. 

And oh my god+goddess, she’s beautiful. 

Don’t you think?

She’ll receive your visions, soften your days, and amplify your sweet spots. She carries the codes of rebirth and a little something you might summarize as alchemical pussy roar.

She already knows where she belongs. I’m just sounding the call. Drop me a PM and I’ll tell you how you can bring your pussy home.