Today and Ravensbruck

Today I spent ten hours with the best tour guide ever, and took a million photos. In spite of my over-stimulated mush brain I will share this one photo with you.

We went to several different places, among them Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, and abandoned Soviet bunkers and missile bases in the former East Germany.

This shot is from the interior of one of four identical warehouses in Ravensbrück. These warehouses held personal items that had originally been taken from the people arriving at Auschwitz, then were shipped by train to the female prisoners of Ravensbrück.

The women mended or repaired the clothing in a huge sewing factory that stood in the corner of the camp. The items were then put back on a train and shipped back to Germany for use by the population.

I've been to several different camps now, and I guess on some level I'm waiting for the day when I can comprehend how all of this actually happened.

Why someone didn't stop it.

And why people just gradually let themselves be swayed by the subtly escalating tyranny of a madman until it was too damn late to turn back the hands of time.

Today, it feels like that moment of comprehension I'm waiting for gets further and further away.