Time Travel


I've always had an uncanny knack for time travel. I'm not talking about literal time travel, though that would be pretty amazing. I'm talking about this thing I can do, where I zoom in and out of present and past tense and can sense and assimilate all the everythings that existed before. This is part of the reason I travel so much. I can naturally weave myself through the fabric of time and hold a jumble of perspectives, cultures, and points of view. It is astounding to witness the present and the past in one sweet little tangle of trajectories. To intimately know people who came before, and spend a little time consciously trying on their shoes, so to speak. I return to the present humbled. Expanded. Aware. In awe. And also --- I return noticing that I never really left the present moment at all. That somehow, being in history and the human collective of times gone by, I'm even more in the now than I was moments before. By letting myself go off into the past, I arrive more fully into the present.

This coming month in Inner Space, we will play with the theme of 'Presence', and explore what that actually means. Inner Space is a 12 month online experience in which we all embrace our unique truths and perspectives, and ruminate on the multitude of ways we can translate a theme.

It's our third month out of twelve. Our prior monthly themes are 'Roots' and 'Skin'. 

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