things I don't want you to know ...

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I’ve made a long list of things I don’t want you to know about me.

Sitting rather majestically at the top of the list is one of my biggest secrets:

My most favorite thing in all the world is to create extremely sensual, artistic self-portraits. I’ve carried the inclination to create self portraits for 22 years, it’s my go-to when I need to feel who I am. 

It’s a ritual. I slow down. Dress up. Pose. Click the shutter. Turn myself on. 

And it’s been a big secret. Until now.

This is by far the most revolutionizing, liberating, and game-changing thing I have ever done for my body (that I once loathed and feared) and my relationship to myself and how I move through the world.

The ripple effect is far and wide. 

You’ll probably never see (most of) them, but this is my greatest passion.

Now you know. 


When we embrace our banished, or ‘taboo’, aspects, we find the freedom we seek.

In Taboo, my online workshop and 1:1 sessions, we will explore them.

We will do this through practical (magical) exercises like exploring your sensual self through selfies (and celebrating the immediate far and wide ripple effect), writing and ritual exercises around your deepest secrets, and a daily devotion to seeking everything that brings you pleasure. 

I’ll share my writings and practices around the exalted / shadow aspects of archetypes like Eve, Isis, and Aphrodite. 

You’ll be held in a safe, respectful, supportive container.

By the end of our time together, you will have unloaded a f*ckton of shame and guilt. 

And so much more. 

Registration for my online workshop and 1:1 sessions is open now.