the TRUTH behind why I do what I do

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Here’s the TRUTH behind why I created DEEPER, my online workshop ...

AND the DEEPER Retreat in Glastonbury, England … (YES! A NEW RETREAT!) …

Remember when the whole thing erupted (again) a few weeks back about women feeling silenced and subjugated, and it got all politicized and there was a lot of hardcore UGH (understatement) around it?

Here’s my two cents on the fact that so many women feel unheard, invisible, and unsafe:

It’s real.

I know this to be so true because I’ve worked with women for YEARS. Many moons ago I was a hair designer in Los Angeles. The women who sat in my chair told me their everythings. I was in a counseling training program at the same time, and was keenly aware that these women kept coming back to me thinking it was for my haircuts. Maybe that was the reason.

I think it may have also been because I was dedicated to listening, deeply. I knew how to be fully present with their secrets and longings, and I knew how to be a soft place to land in that 60 minute slot.

A decade ago I moved from the beauty industry to the creative arts world, and from the get-go I was all about providing a container for women to come and discover more of who they are. Share freely. Create openly. And for a slice of their life, live boldly. Then, from that moment forward, *feel* their own life differently. Ya know?

Because I already knew from HEAPS of experience that far too many women don’t know who they are or what they want, are ashamed of who they are, or are afraid of who they might be ... and there are eleven-ty billion reasons for this.

That’s real, too.



So, for several years, I built a LOT of sold-out retreats and workshops for women.

One of the things that participants consistently shared with me was how safe they felt in my workshops, how life-changing it was to gather under the premise of pure, unadulterated expression, and how grateful they were to have the opportunity to feel like their true selves.

As women we have all the feels, right?

As women we want to express ALL THE THINGS.

As women we reeeeeeeaaallly want to be heard.

As women we need a soft place to fall.

My mission in life, as a creative guide, is to provide exactly those experiences.


Back to this whole thing about a few weeks ago and the most recent surge of female voices.

Have you noticed this happens every once in a while?

Have you noticed that it gets louder every single time?

Have you noticed that it gets angrier every single time?

That’s because, like I said above, the feelings and experiences are real.

The more something is ignored, the louder it’s gonna become.

This is not a political issue. I’m not even sure it can be fully summarized as a gender situation; if you keep peeling layers, it seems that in the underbelly of it all, it is truly a human situation. A human epidemic.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that, just like the women in that Aveda salon on Ventura Boulevard all those years ago:

You might think you are coming into my creative world to learn how to make the art.

Sure, when you come to one of my workshops or retreats we dabble in that.

THE TRUTH? That’s a byproduct of our time together.

What I am really devoted to, and pretty much a bad-ass at providing, is a space for you to see yourself, excavate your deepest stories, be heard, and have a soft place to fall.


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