Provocateur ...

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My superpower is being a Provocateur. 

I am super good at finding your innate wormholes ... ya know, the places that can open your mind and invite you to expand and taste the freedom you crave ... if you dare. 

I know ... it’s possible you might shame me, project stuff onto me that isn’t true, or shut me out. 

I’m learning how to be okay with that because not everyone is going to welcome being provoked. 

It still hurts, though.

What hurts even more is shutting down my fierce AF voice and my indomitable spirit so that I won’t disturb your world. 


We eventually come to the place where our silence strangles us more than our need for acceptance.

We eventually get exhausted by the energy it takes to DULL ourselves … 

We eventually get so grimed up from being pushed down on our knees by our own self-sabotage that the only thing left to do is stand up and SHINE. 


What are you silent about?

What do you shut down in order to stay in ‘connection’ with others?

I put connection in quotes because if we aren’t real in our connections, then it’s really just a ‘connection’. It’s fake, or tenuous at best.

Why are you contorting yourself to fit into something that isn’t for you, anyway?

When we silence ourselves in order to fit in, we are slicing off a little piece of our soul every damn time.