on burning

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The other day when Notre Dame burned

I thought of all the times my own skin has burned

From the shame of saying or being too much

In a world that wants small women.

Then my brain sizzled up, enflamed

And I’ve been trying to pull words out of it’s pyre

To explain how I feel

And this is the best I can do.

The convenient construct of Our Lady:

A demure, silent, all-embracing Lady.

Who sits still, on the isle of the Seine, regal and comforting.

(It must be said, her benevolence is very real.

I have felt her so, in my veins).


An exalted, full-on, wholly integrated, and ACTUAL woman

Is not 

‘A Lady’

Even though she is taught to sit with her legs and mouth closed

To avoid being burned at the stake.

She is 

A fierce protector of *all* the people

A gatherer of uncomfortable truths

And an unencumbered seer of POTENTIAL innate 

She births, f*cks, rages righteously, and bleeds 

WHILE she comforts those in need

With her hotblooded flesh and soothing gaze.

She doesn’t stay silent

About the horrors under her steeples

Or the hoarding greed

Or the killings in the name of the other deity.

The real EXALTED whole Lady,

(Like Isis, whose temple crackles under the fire)

Breathes LIFE with her heaving body,

ALL of it

Uterus, Heart, Voice, Open Legs, Breasts, Eyes, and her Soul

Breathing and heaving,

Resurrecting her EXALTED masculine back into REAL LIFE

Resurrecting her broken people back into REAL LIFE

Resurrecting her own repetitive Death into REAL LIFE.


Lights bullshit on fire


Laughs at the fire

Because she knows 

You cannot actually burn the One 


Watch this real POTENT, exalted woman:


Will build something *actually* nurturing from the ash

Of what is, in it’s current version of fullness, 

Not living it’s POTENTIAL.


According to some, Notre Dame / Our Lady was the Temple of Isis, then a temple to honor Mary Magdalene before its current iteration. No matter your current belief, in their day these women were revered as High Priestesses of Source, Sex, and Soul. 

In short, their eyes carried the piercing gaze of POTENTIAL. They saw the POTENCY available to each human, and transmitted the keys to unlock the POTENT life force EVERY person has. 

Learning about them offers to us our OWN POTENCY.

I will share more about these, and other women, in my upcoming online course: https://erinfaithallen.com/tabooworkshop


Photo is not mine, sourced online, artist unknown.