Just Like That


And just like that, I’m in Germany.

By ‘just like that’ I mean two movies (1. A Ghost Story: flipped between hating it and being totally bored through most of it, but stuck with it and ended up kinda loving it and 2. Anna Karenina which was so-so but made me cry a little over the maelstrom that love can bring) then 5 hours of being half awake / half asleep in that zone of daydream / real dream and everything and nothing in between.

The person behind me was awfully bouncy and the person next me was a drifter. Ya know what I mean right? When their elbows and knees and everything else kinda creep over into your 5 allotted inches of personal space?

And ... I watched the sun rise as my plane flew over Brussels. I am forever addicted to the magnificence of chilling in a hunk of metal high in the sky watching the world go by. Hello Europe. I’m here