In the Studio


Back in the studio ... a freshly cleaned and scrubbed studio, that is.

It's been too long, but also ... I need to be honest about something.

After a hiatus, I always feel this long dragging pull, this fullness of energy waiting for me in my studio.

Like a room full of people with bombastic thoughts and crowded personal histories are waiting there for me, surrounded by art materials, studio lights, and my trusty art apron.

Intensely, impatiently, and immortal. So, it's a funny little re-entrance routine for me.

After a long time away from my creative space (it was about 6 weeks this time) I weirdly dread the entry and that long dragging pull.

Resist it. Ignore it. Pretend it's not there. Then suddenly I am there, in it.

Wooshed right over the threshold of my own resistance.

And the pouring-out begins.

And today, these two came to fruition from the middle of the pouring.

I know who they represent for me ... but I'm curious. Who do you see?



A little PS: This image represents two men of the Red Army who were two out of 10,000 POWs killed in a matter of days at Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany. It is based on a photograph of them, staring into a camera moments before execution. One of the men happens to resemble my father (in the photograph), and having spent much time on the collective story of these POWs, in the location of their death, I feel them deeply. Their story is still relevant. And that is why I choose to tell it.