Houston to Berlin

I left Houston for Berlin with a jam-packed itinerary and a whole book to write and compile in between tours and train rides and hopefully a little sleep.  I like to challenge myself ;) 

You can pre-order a copy of my second book, Unearthing, here.  

In March 2018 this book will be released, exclusively documenting this 14 day journey through 5 countries.

My itinerary is packed with some of World War Two's most notorious locations, which will all show up in this compilation of artwork, thought processes, photographs, and facts about the places I will venture into, the people I meet along the way, and the soulful excavation that always takes place.

This book will be an exclusive limited edition run of 150, with a minimum of 300 full color pages. It will arrive on your doorstep signed by me, and will provide you with the feeling that you were there, too.